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5: Wireless
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C# strictly specifies a range and behavior for each value type. Because of portability requirements, C# is uncompromising on this account. For example, an int is the same in all execution environments. There is no need to rewrite code to fit a specific platform. Although strictly specifying the size of the value types may cause a small loss of performance in some environments, it is necessary in order to achieve portability.
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Epoxy Injection
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Finally: The Show
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A basic communications system consists of a transmitter, a receiver, and an information medium (Figure 22.1). The transmitter is a system capable of generating the information to be sent to the receiver. The information can be in analog or digital format. The transmission medium carries the information over some distance and delivers it to the receiver. The receiver interprets the information and transforms it into an accessible form. In the case of the fiber optic communications system, the transmitter is an optical source, either a laser or light-emitting diode (LED), which is modulated with the information to be transmitted. Optical sources can be modulated internally by varying their operating currents, or externally by using an external optical modulator fol-
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Fig. 1.36(b)
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Support for Multiple Configuration Wizards
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Select the desired filter. Gently screw it into the threads on the front of your lens. Compose and shoot the picture.
Returns a reference to a length1-by-length2-by-length3 three-dimensional array. Each element is of type elementType.
The C# Language
with a violation mode of shutdown.
Most people who develop robots use the term microcontroller as a generic term to refer to a small control system with input and output control capabilities. Microcontrollers are not computers or microcomputers. Simply put, microcontrollers are designed to accept input from a set of electrical signals and output other electrical signals in response to commands programmed into the device. Computers are designed to accept input from humans and output the results back to the humans. A computer will include several microcontrollers, but a microcontroller will not have a computer inside. Microcontrollers, which interpret a human interface and send electrical signals to the rest of an electronic device, are often implemented as small, embedded processors found in many modern electronic gadgets from Furbies to watches, from thermostats to microwave ovens, from radios to television sets, and from cell phones to electronic ignition systems found in cars. They are found in many electronic devices made today. Many controllers are designed specifically for robotic and similar applications, including Basic Stamp, Handy Board, BrainStem, OOPics, BotBoards, and countless other controllers. Figure 12-1 shows a photograph of several of the more-popular microcontrollers. Some controllers are slave controllers in which commands are given and executed. An R/C transmitter/receiver pair is a form of slave controller: the input from an operator using the transmitter is executed and transmitted to the receiver,
char *strrev(char *str)
3: Fingerprint and Hand Geometry
the c:\Program files\citrix\mpssdk\utils\mfreg.exe program. Additionally, you may have to use the Microsoft tool DCOMCNFG.EXE to change the default impersonation to impersonate. This change requires a reboot. For additional information, please visit the Citrix Developer Network at
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