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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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The WriteLine( ) statement is executed only when the condition is true.
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Weapons Systems for Your Robot
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#include <stdio.h> #include <dos.h> int main(void) { struct dfree p; getdfree(3, &p); /* drive C */ printf("Number of free clusters is %d.", p.df_avail);
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Network congestion point detection Defect and failure detection Performance measurements System protection Fault location detection
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the range of the minivan object is stored in range1. Notice that Range( ) now has a return type of int. This means that it will return an integer value to the caller. The return type of a method is important because the type of data returned
Energy is de ned as the ability to do work. Power is de ned as the rate of doing work. Power is, therefore, the rate at which energy is used in doing work. Two Olympic runners exemplify the difference between energy and power. The rst runner holds the record in the marathon. He is a lean, ef cient running machine. He burns nearly all of his stored energy resources steadily over a 2-hour period. The second runner holds the record in the 100-meter dash. He uses less total energy, but consumes it in an intense 10second burst. The rst runner uses more energy, but the second uses energy at a higher rate, or power. Except in nuclear reactions, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What it can do, however, is change between its many forms. As an example, the water at the top of a hydroelectric dam possesses potential energy due to its height. As it falls and gains speed, its potential energy is converted into kinetic (motion) energy. When the water hits the blades of a turbine, the kinetic energy of the water is transferred to the spinning turbine. The turbine turns a generator where the kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy. The electricity ows into your home, where a lightbulb changes the electrical energy into light energy and heat energy. Ultimately, the heat escapes from your home into the atmosphere, where it causes water to evaporate into water vapor, which then turns into clouds, which then drop rain into the reservoir. And so it goes.
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Given these traditional OLAP architectures, it s not surprising that many customers are not sure where to classify Web Intelligence or Desktop Intelligence. I often call it a DOLAP solution because the cache is built dynamically, either on the desktop in the case of Desktop Intelligence or on the Enterprise Server in the case of Web Intelligence. However, it is also a ROLAP approach because it provides automatically drill-through to detail, server-based ranking, aggregate navigation, and other capabilities while leveraging the data storage of the RDBMS. The only architecture you can say it is not is MOLAP. You might deploy BusinessObjects XI instead of a MOLAP solution or in addition to a MOLAP solution.
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