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A line in the plane may rise gradually from left to right, or it may rise quite steeply from left to right (Fig. 1.13). Likewise, it could fall gradually from left to right, or it could fall quite steeply from left to right (Fig. 1.14). The number slope differentiates among these different rates of rise or fall. Look at Fig. 1.15. We use the two points P = (p1 , p2 ) and Q = (q1 , q2 ) to calculate the slope. It is q 2 p2 m= . q1 p1
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But the servers don t all have to be housed in the same location. Often, servers are in geographically disparate locations. But to you, the cloud subscriber, these servers act as if they re humming away right next to each other. This gives the service provider more flexibility in options and security. For instance, Amazon has their cloud solution in servers all over the world. If something were to happen at one site, causing a failure, the service would still be accessed through another site. Also, if the cloud needs more hardware, they need not throw more servers in the safe room they can add them at another site and simply make it part of the cloud.
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Quality of Service (QoS)
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The Telecommunications Network
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also becomes selected in your document. Click-and-drag the ellipse within the Object Manager docker onto the new Layer 2, and release the mouse button. Notice that the ellipse in your document hasn t changed its position on the page, but in the docker it now appears under Layer 2, as shown next. You have just moved the ellipse object from one layer to another.
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Figure 7.4 A single-balanced two-diode mixer.
To allow interoperability between the recordable BDAV format and the pre-recorded Bluray Disc Movie (BDMV) format, the BDAV organizational structure was subsequently adopted as the basis for the organization of BDMV. For pre-recorded content, however, the control of the navigation and user experience is not handled by the player implementation s user interface. Instead, the content producer is in control, which results in a more sophisticated application layer for BDMV content. The BDMV format is used for pre-recorded discs and is built on the same key technologies as the BDAV recording format. On the lowest level, an MPEG-2 transport stream is used together with corresponding clip information and playlist files as described for BDAV. The biggest difference between the formats is the necessity of a more enriched and sophisticated user interface for BDMV discs. The reason is simply that the user interface for a recordable disc is created and driven by the recorder itself, which guarantees a similar interface for each disc, regardless of the content being recorded. While this is desirable for recordable discs to keep the user environment recognizable, it would be less than desirable for pre-recorded discs. Instead, the content owner wants to create a unique user interface for each disc to match the look and feel of the content. The BDMV directory represents the root level of the pre-recorded disc and contains all of the necessary files for a player to render the audio/video presentation material and for the user to navigate through the logic of the disc (Figure 6.3). First of all, the index.bdmv and the MovieObject.bdmv files identify the basic organization of the disc, listing all titles with the corresponding Movie Objects. Secondly, a number of sub-directories exist containing the actual data to be rendered. As mentioned before, the PLAYLIST, CLIPINF, and STREAM directories are very similar to the BDAV disc structure in the sense that they contain the actual AV stream data with the corresponding clip information and playlists. In addition, the AUXDATA directory is used to hold auxiliary data, such as, any OpenType fonts or any sound effects that will be used on the disc. The META directory contains optional metadata that may be used for Disc Library or Search features in certain Blu-ray players. If the disc is programmed with BD-J features, the BDJO and JAR folders hold the BD-J Objects (BDJO) and Java Archive (JAR) elements, respectively. And, to ensure that not everything is lost in case some critical files are damaged on the disc, the BACKUP directory contains a copy of those critical files (e.g., playlists, clip information, and others).
Here, the value of x is boxed. Here, the value is unboxed.
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