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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Disc Formatting Considerations
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Use Coaching Techniques That Challenge Growth Plan how you will use each of the four coaching techniques from this section, and use them at appropriate moments during the coaching process.
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What are some of the consequences of gastric aspiration
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Summary of Rating Procedure for Transverse and Bearing Stiffeners
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Reading Console Input
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Indexers and Properties
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In the preceding Step 3, you left the object type as numeric to match the data source field format. Normally, these are the same, and keeping them the same can prevent a number of errors. There is, however, one possible exception: when your source system is a number field that you will never use as a measure. For example, product ID and customer number may be numeric fields in the source system, but you will rarely want to treat them as numbers (unless the coding has some meaningful logic that you wish to manipulate). In this case, I have in the past recommended setting the object type to character to prevent any object misuse. However, some of the user interfaces will now generate errors depending on the type of mismatch. Therefore, setting the Object Format is a safer alternative. Table 9-2 summarizes the different types and their settings. When you specify an object as a number (whether or not you specify it as a measure), certain functionality within Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence is available to end users. Users will be able to do sums, divisions, averages, and so forth, on these numbers. From a business point of view, these calculations make no sense against most ID fields. The only calculation that makes sense is a count: How many new products sold this month How many customers do I have The count calculation is available to all objects, regardless of their types (number, date, and character). The only way to suppress this functionality is by changing the ID field from numeric to character type (even though it is physically numeric). At one point this was a good workaround for preventing object misuse, but with each version of the software, it checks for certain object mismatches, and changing the type can later lead to errors. For example, in the Test Fashion universe, from a business point of view, I would much prefer that Month Number be a date type object. This would allow users to use all the wonderful date functions within Web Intelligence formulas. However, it is a numeric field in the physical database, and if you specify it as a date type object in the universe, users will receive an error when executing a query. If users want to display a long month name within a report that is derived from the numeric month (so January instead of 1), they have to use multiple report functions to convert the numeric field to character and then to date. In Web Intelligence:
DisplayPort Interface Standard
Now that the visual interface of the application is all done, you can concentrate on adding code to tie all the buttons and icons to events. Events represent actions, such as selecting a menu item or clicking a button. Open the ActionList component by double-clicking it. From the action list editor, select File from the Categories column and double-click the FileNew action. This opens the Unit1.cpp source file. Now add the following lines of code into this function.
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