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Let s examine this program carefully. The program defines one private field, called prop, and a property called MyProp that manages access to prop. As explained, a property by itself does not define a storage location. Instead, most properties simply manage access to a field. Furthermore, because prop is private, it can be accessed only through MyProp. The property MyProp is specified as public so it can be accessed by code outside of its class. This makes sense because it provides access to prop, which is private. The get accessor simply returns the value of prop. The set accessor sets the value of prop if and only if that value is positive. Thus, the MyProp property controls what values prop can have. This is the essence of why properties are important. The type of property defined by MyProp is called a read-write property because it allows its underlying field to be read and written. It is possible, however, to create read-only and write-only properties. To create a read-only property, define only a get accessor. To define a write-only property, define only a set accessor. You can use a property to further improve the fail-soft array class. As you know, all arrays have a Length property associated with them. Up to now, the FailSoftArray class simply used a public integer field called Length for this purpose. This is not good practice, though, because it allows Length to be set to some value other than the length of the failsoft array. (For example, a malicious programmer could intentionally corrupt its value.) We can remedy this situation by transforming Length into a read-only property, as shown in the following version of FailSoftArray:
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The type argument required by the ISeries interface must be passed to ByTwos. Otherwise, there is no way for the interface to receive the type argument.
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Ks = 6.49 rad s = 1.03 Hz. M
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Version (=1) LDP Identifier
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Get the technical logistics right. Perform the initial space allocation of the above-ceiling space. Determine the breakup of floor plans so they can be coordinated in smaller batches.
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Fig. 8-11 A high-pass lter.
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Cisco s HDLC Flag Address Control Type Data FCS Flag
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Part A: Acids and Bases
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Rice (el arroz) is a very important staple in Spain and is used as the base for the ever-popular paella. This dish varies from region to region but always contains saffron-flavored rice. The most popular is paella valenciana, with chicken, seafood, peas, and tomatoes.
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