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When the profile creation is complete, it must be stored on a file server. Each profile consists of directories and subdirectories filled with files. Do not modify these files directly; only use the Profiler to modify these files. This section describes the structure of the profile directories and the files within them. A profile folder on a file share contains the following: Profile manifest file (.profile), which is an XML file that defines the profile Target CAB files providing isolation environment contents for applications in the targets Hash key file (Hashes.txt) for digital signatures and signing profiles Icons repository (Icondata.bin) Scripts folder for pre-launch and post-exit scripts
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1. z = 3e j5 /6 2. Ampltude = 12. The waves are not in phase. i 2 (t) leads i 1 (t) by 10 . V2 3. p = 2R 4. Z = V /I 5. i(t) = 7.84 sin(4t 13.7 ) 6. VTH = ZTH I0 + V0
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There are several reasons why a linear spring model is a useful approximation. First, systems described by combinations of masses, linear springs, and linear dampers possess linear equations of motion. These are more readily analyzed than general nonlinear forms. The linear description is also compact, requiring only a single parameter (the rate of stiffness) to describe the spring. From a practical standpoint, linearity proves to be a reasonable assumption for most physical springs, at least within a small range of de ection. If more accuracy is desired, however, springs can instead be represented as a general nonlinear function such as: F = fs (d ). (11.41)
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oxidizing material fluorine ( 2.87 volts with respect to hydrogen) with something that just can t wait to give electrons to it. In practice, many other factors enter the picture, such as availability of material, ease in making them work together, ability to manufacture the final product in volume, and cost. As a result of the trade-offs, only a few electrochemical couple possibilities make it into the realm of commercially produced batteries that you will meet later in the chapter.
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
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Figure 4.5 (Continued )
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Motor Selection and Performance
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environment for analytic applications. These products are later rebranded Dashboard Manager and Performance Management Applications. 2002 Acta is acquired to provide ETL capabilities and packaged data marts, later rebranded as Data Integrator and Rapid Marts. 2003 Crystal Decisions is acquired for its pixel-perfect reporting solution, enterprise architecture, and huge base of OEM partners and customers. 2004 BusinessObjects XI Release 1 provides a new architecture that integrates Crystal Enterprise and the classic BusinessObjects suite. The product includes several major enhancements such as collaboration and guided analysis through the Encyclopedia. 2005 BusinessObjects XI Release 2 closes the parity gap between Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence. It includes a new patented interface Intelligent Question to garner more casual users. 2005 SRC Software is acquired as part of the company s performance management strategy, providing budgeting, planning, and financial consolidation software. 2006 FirstLogic is acquired to embed data quality capabilities in Data Integrator.
Part II:
common channel signaling network
Token-Ring is another very popular local area networking technology for desktop connectivity. Its main advantages include fault tolerance and a deterministic access method. Larger maximum frame size (relative to Ethernet) also allows for greater data throughput rates. Its main disadvantage relative to Ethernet is that it typically is more expensive to install. As 802.3 differs slightly from original Ethernet, so too does the 802.5 specification differ slightly from its most prevalent implementation in IBM s Token-Ring product. A token ring consists of a number of devices serially connected in a ring topology (Figure 14.6). Token-Ring networks are designed to operate at either 4 or 16 Mbps, and typically use unshielded or shielded twisted-pair copper cables (although the IEEE 802.5 specification differs in not mandating a particular physical medium or topology). The frame format for IEEE 802.5 token ring frames is shown in Figure 14.7. The IEEE 802.5 token ring specification defines no maximum length for the data field. However, the time required to transmit a frame may not be greater than the token holding period defined for the transmitting device. In practice, the maximum frame size on a 4 Mbps ring generally is 4096 bytes; on a 16 Mbps ring it generally is 18 Kbytes. The media access method used in IEEE 802.5 is token passing. A token is the symbol of authority, which is passed from station to station to indicate which device currently is allowed to transmit. After a device completes its transmission, it passes the token to the next device on the ring so that each station takes its turn. One station is designated the Active Monitor, and must constantly monitor the ring to insure that the token continues to circulate on a regular basis. The Active Monitor can be any Ring Station that wins the Monitor Contention process. It is primarily responsible for keeping the token alive on the network. In networks with managed hubs or routers, the Active Monitor usually is one of those devices; they often are the first stations on the ring to come up, or have been on the longest. Most Token-Ring networks are physically wired in a star topology using a media access unit (MAU) to construct the logical ring internally (Figure 14.8). This increases the tolerance of the network to faults in the physical wiring and in the individual station transceivers. The token-passing scheme of Token-Ring is a very ordered, deterministic process most of the time. This process is disrupted, however, each time a device enters or exits the ring (including station power on/off). These disruptions, and the ensuing ring restoration process, can limit network performance. Token-Ring networks achieve fault tolerance by defining fault domains on the ring. If a station fails to receive a signal from its Nearest Active Upstream Neighbor (NAUN), that station will begin transmitting a distress signal, or beacon. The fault
Stray current
StdSSN 123-45-6789 124-56-7890 876-54-3210
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Related Functions
To create Artistic Text, you choose the Text Tool and then click an insertion point in your document. Then you type. By default, the font you use is Arial 24 point, justified to the left. You can change the default to anything you like: with the Text Tool selected, you choose the font, point size, and justification on the Property Bar, and CorelDRAW displays a Text Attributes box. Here you can redefine Artistic and Paragraph Text for all future default documents. A point is a typographic term, a measurement of the height of text. Traditionally, there are 72.27 points to the inch, but with the advent of digital fonts, this measurement has been modified to 72 points to the inch. Because typefaces are designed by hundreds of different professionals, the actual size of, for example, 24 point Arial, is not necessarily the same size as 24 point Palatino. It s always a good idea to measure the height of text cast in different fonts using Rulers in CorelDRAW to ensure consistency. Usually, paragraph text is set in anywhere from 9 to 14 points (except for aspirin labels, which seem to be set in 2 point type), while fonts used in headlines look best at 24 points to 72 points on a page that measures standard letter 8.5 11". Paragraph Text is entered the same way as Artistic Text and in the same way as most other Windows applications, but you define Paragraph Text by marquee-dragging a frame into which Paragraph Text flows. Marquee-dragging is accomplished by click-holding the primary mouse button and then dragging diagonally; top left to bottom right is the most common technique. Then you release the mouse button, a frame appears, and you type in the frame (or paste from the clipboard when you have copied text).
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