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1. As-built plans and/or shop drawings should be reviewed followed by a thorough site inspection making note of material condition, fatigue prone details, utilities, geometry, girder alignment, and possible paint removal and containment considerations. 2. Non-destructive testing should be performed on butt-welded top ange splices to ensure weld soundness. 3. Details of particular importance to check are butt-welded splices, partial length cover plate ends, welded lateral gusset plate connections, connection plate/stiffener welds, and shear connector welds in tension or reversal zones. For example, brittle fracture was observed in the exterior girder of the Blue River Bridge. 4. The designer should consider removing all poor details, fatigue sensitive details, and stress risers of all types. All fatigue sensitive details must be analyzed. Notch effects, such as rivet holes and non-radius cuts, cause stress increases. Lateral connection plates should not be welded to tension anges. Rivet holes should be made round by reaming to eliminate crack initiation sites. Upgrading of fatigue-sensitive details using bolted over-splicing of partial length cover plate ends should also be considered to meet the allowable fatigue stresses. Riveted girders should not be retro tted for continuity due to their uncertain fatigue performance and dif cult splice detail requirements. Often new load paths are created when widening. The stiffness of new members and strengthening of old adjacent members to carry the new live loads should be considered. 5. Short-term crack sealing and joint repair in steel: Webs are fracture critical members (FCM). Fracture of thin webs is a dangerous scenario and needs to be xed. Steels used in main members should be ordered to the correct level of strength and toughness. For main members, the material should specify Charpy V Notch (CVN) requirements for the FCM zone and reference the direction of rolling. 6. Bond characteristics of carbon ber reinforced plastics to structural steels: Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) as a structural material can provide an opportunity for structural engineers to propose new structural systems instead of conventional steel or concrete. Researchers in Japan studied the bond strength of carbon ber reinforced plastics to structural steels in order to develop the composite structure of steel and ber reinforced plastic. It was concluded that the strong anisotropy of ber reinforced plastics may cause local shear stress concentration, resulting in premature debonding.
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4 / 2 is 2 Can't divide by Zero! 16 / 4 is 4 32 / 4 is 8 Can't divide by Zero! 128 / 8 is 16
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Jones matrix eigenanalysis. The most complete characterization of PMD is obtained by measuring the Jones matrix of a component or network at a series of optical wavelengths. A block diagram of this measurement (Figure 28.24a) is similar to
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Use incr lambda expression: -10 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 Use isEven lambda expression: 2 is even. 4 is even. 6 is even. 8 is even. 10 is even.
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EIGRP Troubleshooting
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Fort Lauderdale
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In circuit analysis we usually indicate voltage as a function of time by writing v(t). The voltage between points A and B in a circuit is the amount of energy required to move a charge of 1 C from A to B. Voltage can be positive or negative. When the voltage is positive, i.e., v(t) > 0, we say that the path A B is a voltage drop. When a positive charge passes through a voltage drop, the charge gains energy. This is because, if v(t) > 0, the point A is at a higher potential than the point B, in the same way that a point 100 m above the surface of the earth is at a higher potential than a point at sea level, since U = mgh for a gravitational eld. On the other hand, suppose that the voltage between two points A and B in a circuit is negative. In this case, we say that the path A B is a voltage rise. To move a positive charge from A to B when the path is a voltage rise, we have to supply energy. This is analogous to the energy you have to supply to lift a 50 lb weight from the ground to a spot on the shelf 5 ft higher. Voltage is formally de ned as v= dw V dq (1.9)
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
FIGURE 12.3.
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31.3.1 Service Switching Point
They essentially represent how sophisticated the UNI and EVC can potentially be at the current time; of course, in time, one should expect these to evolve to accommodate new requirements imposed by forthcoming applications.
Only Summary files that are not currently active will be uploaded to the DCS. If the DCS receives another request to upload a summary file, it logs a Duplicate Request and the old request is deleted from the list. This can occur if updates are taking longer than 24 hours. The default setting for concurrent uploads is 10. The default setting for concurrent imports is 1. The reason for this is to reduce the requirement on database connection licenses. Importing a record into the Summary Database twice will not cause duplicate entries. If a summary file takes longer than 30 minutes to transfer, the DCS assumes it has timed out and deletes any record of requesting it. This file is not retransmitted until the next update period, 24 hours later, unless a manual update is invoked. If the uploaded summary file eventually reaches the DCS after it has timed out, it is ignored and deleted. Upload time is compared to the server time. The server s time zone is used to determine if uploads should begin. For example, a Presentation Server farm has the majority of the machines in the East Coast of the USA and a smaller zone in the UK with the upload time set to 1 a.m. The servers in the USA begin to upload files at 1 a.m. EST, while machines in the UK start their uploads at 1 a.m. UK time, which is 8 p.m. EST. A Duplicate upload request message in the DCS Server log is an indicator of problems in the system, but it is not an error. The duplicate request does not cause any invalid or duplicate data in the Summary Database and should be treated as an informational message. An example that could result in a duplicate upload request would be a manual upload requested when an upload is already under way either a timed update or an previously requested manual request or uploads taking more than 24 hours to complete, resulting in the next daily upload beginning before the previous one has completed.
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