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you copied from a word processor, CorelDRAW will flash you the Import/Pasting Text box, where you have the option of retaining the formatting (if any) created in the word processor font choice, point size, justification, and tabs are all attributes of text formatting. Go with it; click the Maintain Fonts And Formatting button, and then click OK.
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ECMA 168
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mand). After you ve enabled the LBF interface on the primary appliance, you re ready to configure failover:
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Working with Singleand Multi-Page Documents
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As part of an IT department s service level agreement (SLA) with its business end users, IT must maintain a level of network service that satisfies users. To do this, the network must be monitored to ensure error-free connectivity and acceptable responsiveness. If the network were not monitored, it would be impossible for the IT department to guarantee compliance to any agreed-upon level of service. New client-server applications are springing up in business environments. Some examples of burgeoning applications are the ever-pervasive Internet and electronic mail. If the network is not monitored, the effect of adding even one of these network-intensive applications is unknown. It is entirely possible that electronic mail alone eventually could bring the network to its knees. If the environment is monitored, the utilization of network bandwidth can be determined and traffic trends analyzed to ensure that bandwidth meets or exceeds future growth of resources and applications. The ability to monitor trends changes IT from being reactive (waiting until something breaks before resolving the problem) to being proactive (resolving potential issues before they cause a break). The IT department should blend into the background, allowing business end users to focus on their own function.
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There are two new compression/decompression (codec) technologies that are part of the specification for Blu-ray Disc, and they are considered to be almost twice as efficient as MPEG-2. The first of these codecs, SMPTE VC-1, is a video codec defined by the Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers (SMPTE) as an open standard and is based on Microsoft s Windows Media Video 9 technology. Development for Windows Media began years after the creation and standardization of MPEG-2 and has the benefit of building on the lessons learned there. Windows Media (and now VC-1) have demonstrated dramatic improvements in compression efficiency over MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 codecs. For example, prior to adoption of the codec in either HD DVD or BD, Microsoft began promoting a proprietary Windows Media Video HD (WMV-HD) format that showcased Windows Media Video by putting high definition content onto standard red-laser DVDs. The content, at res14Obviously, it would sound better if read by James Earl Jones than by Ross Perot, but the analogy holds if
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It is easy to misalign a graphic if you use a less than full HD monitor in your production workflow.
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Regardless of how you create formulas in the Web Intelligence Java Report panel, either by using the Formula Editor or by typing them directly into the formula toolbar, you must follow these guidelines: Always start the formula with an = sign. When you reference a base report variable or variable name, it must be enclosed in square brackets ([]). For example, the formula =[Revenue] * 1.10 contains a base report variable, [Revenue]. Spaces between the components of the formula make the formula easier to read. Carriage returns can be added to formulas by using CTRL+ENTER or ALT+ENTER to make the formula easier to read. String constants in formulas are always surrounded by double quotation marks like "Year: ". For example, if you want to concatenate a label "Year: " to the year returned by the universe object variable, you would enter ="Year: " + [Year]. Numeric constants are not surrounded by quotation marks. Numeric constants should be entered without any formatting such as dollar signs or thousands separators. For example, if you want to add $500,000.00 to the [Revenue] universe object variable, you enter =[Revenue] + 500000.
public static int Compare(decimal v1, decimal v2)
Static Constructors
A template class can have more than one generic data type. Simply declare all the data types required by the class in a comma-separated list within the template specification. For example, the following short example creates a class that uses two generic data types.
where VMMIC DC voltage required at the MMIC s power pin and IMMIC DC current required into the MMIC s power pin. The power dissipation within the RBIAS resistor should be checked so that a proper resistor can be chosen with at least double the dissipation expected: P IC2 RBIAS
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