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Anderson and Kuhn, Tamper Resistance A Cautionary Note, Proceedings of the Second USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce (Berkeley: USENIX Association, 1996).
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IP is a packet-based protocol. This means that traffic is broken into small packets that are sent individually to their destination. In the absence of special technical solutions, the route that each packet takes to its destination is determined independently at each network node on a packet-bypacket basis. IP is not the only packet-based protocol in existence. However, it is by far the most successful. The explosive growth of the Internet proves this. IP itself provides no guarantees. For example, it is possible for different packets to take different routes from the origination point to the destination point, leading to the possibility of packets arriving at a destination in a different order than originally sent. Not only can packets arrive out of sequence, but some packets might not arrive at all or might be severely delayed. To combat these shortcomings, other protocols have been developed to operate in conjunction with IP to ensure that packets are delivered to their ultimate destination in the correct sequence and without loss. The most notable such protocol is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP includes functions for the retransmission of packets that may have been
So you ve gotten over the first hurdle and scored yourself an interview! Instead of being one of a hundred applicants, you re one of about five. Now you have to convince them in person that you re the right candidate for the job. The traditional job-hunting manuals are full of advice about interviews, so I ll just reiterate the key points quickly, and then turn to the areas in which the game industry is different from other businesses. The standard rules about interviews are Show up on time. This doesn t only mean arrive five minutes before you re due; it also means to allow yourself plenty of time to get there and find the place. If there s any question at all about where it is, ask for directions when
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Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams Developing Data M o d e l s for Business Databases
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