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TIP: Throughput and latency are the two elements that define the speed of a network. Throughput is the quantity of data that can pass from source to destination in a specific time. Roundtrip latency is the time it takes for a single data transaction to occur (that is, the time between requesting data and receiving it). Although most literature from wWAN providers focuses on throughput, the latency is far more important to XenApp usability. When shopping for a wWAN carrier, check on their latency. The underlying wireless networks are based on circuit-switched voice architectures, which do not contain efficient mechanisms for sending data-link layer acknowledgments. To improve data efficiency, the networks typically wait for multiple frames to arrive before replying with an acknowledgment. This delay is directly reflected in the packet latency. Latency has a critical impact on the XenApp user experience, because every user action must travel across the network from the client to the server, and the server response must return to the client before the user sees an update. On a LAN, latency is typically very low less than 10 ms. Latencies on wired WANs, however, are typically in the 50 200 ms range, whereas wireless WANs are usually in the 300 3,000 ms range. Latency normally increases with a corresponding increase in the size of the TCP packet. On a LAN, this increase is barely noticeable, because ample bandwidth is generally available. On a wired WAN, it typically has a minor impact. On a wWAN, for example, the latency for a 32-byte packet may be 400 ms, whereas the latency for a 1,460byte packet may be significantly more, at 1,800 ms. This high (and variable) latency on a wWAN can significantly interfere with a XenApp session to the point where the user may find the experience unacceptable. Citrix provides a variety of features and settings that can be configured to improve the user experience with wWANs. It is important to note that these changes do not raise the user experience to the level of a wired WAN connection, but they do take the user experience from unbearable to bearable. It is also important to note that these features are not available with the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. Because our recommendation for all remote users is to utilize the Citrix Web Interface client, the client settings discussed will be implemented on the Web Interface server. With the newer versions of Web Interface there is an option to turn on bandwidth control and allow the users to choose to disable features to lighten the load across the network and improve their connection speed. Some of the settings remove features that users on LANs and wired WANs will want to maintain, such as drive mapping and printer mapping. Shutting down these virtual channels will give the ICA channel more room for video, keyboard, and mouse clicks, thus improving the session for the users. If users are using a custom-configured Program Neighborhood client, the settings referenced can be performed on the client. The settings and features that can be set and optimized include the following: Enable SpeedScreen Technologies (see the previous section) Enable Maximum Data Compression Enable Mouse Movement and Keystroke Queuing Enable Persistent Cache Optimize IIS to Cache Images and Utilize the Cache-Control HTTP Header
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Database management systems (DBMSs) are as complex as operating systems. This complexity requires considerable auditor scrutiny in several areas, including: Configuration management The configuration of DBMSs should be centrally controlled and tracked in larger organizations to ensure consistency among systems. Individual DBMSs and configuration management records should be compared. Change management Databases are used to store not only information, but also software in many cases. The auditor should examine DBMS change management processes and records to see whether changes are being performed
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number less than the network address of the next subnet number.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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CHAPTER 1 Basics
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You Try It: Calculate the integral
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int *ip; // pointer to integers double *dp; // pointer to doubles
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If you re unfamiliar with a typical export operation, the following brief exercise will help familiarize you with a typical export process.
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These online publications report on industry activity, manufacturer offerings, and local electric drive related activities.
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Under the Covers: Migrating to a New Architecture
Talents and Skills
Many systems have replaced such power supplies with standby types. Basically, there are two types of standby power supplies: the switched supply and the uninterruptible supply. The switched supply turns to standby battery power upon commercial power failure. When commercial power returns, the unit switches off and places the battery bank on charge. Early units used relay-type switching with a switching time on the order of a quarter of a second. Later generation supplies using solid-state switching usually switched in a few milliseconds. Standby times were usually two to four hours, depending on how many batteries were used. Models with various standby times were available from several manufacturers. Some early supplies used the ferroresonant transformer as a basis. The switch would disconnect the commercial power from the transformer primary and connect a solid-state 60-Hz inverter powered by the battery bank to the transformer primary. It became evident that the core saturation current caused too much battery drain, which decreased standby time. Some manufacturers used two separate transformer types, the ferroresonant for commercial power and an ordinary step down for the standby operation. In standby mode, solid-state regulators provided the regulated supply voltage. Unfortunately, these supplies, with two transformers and the batteries, were extremely heavy and dif cult to pole mount. Thankfully, the uninterruptible supply, using a ferroresonant transformer with solid-state regulators and controls, is the mainstay of many upgraded/rebuilt cable systems with active upstream and downstream capacity. Ef cient design gives standby times for up to two hours using two
In other words, half of the material decays every h years. But this is another way of saying that the rate at which the radioactive material vanishes is proportional to the amount present. So equation ( ) will apply to problems about radioactive decay.
Router(config)# interface serial [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-if)# bandwidth rate_in_Kbps
A Better Universe
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The first step in figuring out how much your Smart Home project will cost is to determine what it is, exactly, you need. There are two components to this process:
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