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All configuration data for Access Gateway Advanced Access Control is stored in the database server. Consult the Microsoft SQL Server documentation for scheduling automated backups of the database server. In most cases, daily backup is sufficient to prevent loss of farm data.
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Technically, the Select( ) method in the preceding example is not necessary, because in this simple case, the sequence returned by Where( ) already contains the result. However, you can use more sophisticated selection criteria, just as you did with the query syntax. For example, this query returns the positive values in nums increased by an order of magnitude:
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Work, by definition, is force times distance moved: w 5 F Dx where Dx is the distance moved (change in position) along the same direction the force was applied. Pressure, by definition, is force per unit area, or P 5 F/A. To simplify the problem, consider a cylinder closed at one end, with a piston moving up or down inside the cylinder from the other end; see Fig. 4-1. The volume inside the cylinder (between the piston and the
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Figure 15-1. The Web Interface site
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The manual cam layout method described in this section is used primarily for information. In general, designers use CAD digitized packages to generate the cam pro le on the drawing. Cam-follower designs begin with crude sketches using cartesian coordinates, as in Fig. 1.22. In this gure we see that the cam-follower action may be considered equivalent to a wedge action of in nite length. The wedge is shown moving at a constant speed from right to left to raise the follower a maximum distance, h. The rst cycle of the follower movement is the curve ABCA continued to B C A B C A B , and so forth. A radial cam may be considered a wedge rolled in the plane of the paper having a length of one cycle (wedge cam ABCA ) equal to the
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Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
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When the Distort Tool is the current tool selected, choosing a Preset from the list immediately applies a new Distortion effect to a selected object. If you ve created a really awesome Distortion effect and you want to save the effect while the distorted shape in your document is selected, you can add it as a new Distortion Preset by clicking the Add button. The Delete button permanently removes a selected Distortion Preset from the list; therefore, think twice about ever clicking this button. Between Distortion and Envelope effects covered in this chapter, you should be well on your way to massaging an object or object group from something close to what you like to exactly what you like and need. Remember, these are dynamic effects and as such, you don t permanently change that shape you ve worked for hours on. And if you need to exchange data with a client or coworker who doesn t own CorelDRAW:
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The transfer of cell streams over PDH networks was developed by Bellcore for SMDS/DQDB over DS1 and DS3 systems. Because ATM cells are the same length as SIP L2 PDUs, an identical frame structure has been used for ATM: the Physical Layer Convergence Protocol (PLCP). PLCP, however, has a large framing overhead, which reduces considerably the available cell bandwidth. When it came to specifying a framing method for the European PDH rates, for that reason it was decided to use a more efficient synchronous frame, similar to that used in SDH. In addition, the new frame structures include frame octets, so the usual PDH
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1020 steel, carburized, 0.045 in min. depth, 50 60 Rc 1020 steel, 130 150 BHN 1117 steel, 130 150 BHN X1340 steel, induction-hardened, 0.045 in min. depth, 45 58 Rc Blue tempered spring-steel stampings, 40 50 Rc 4140/4150 steel, 350 370 BHN (etd 180) 4150 steel, heat-treated, 270 300 BHN, phosphate-coated 4150 steel, heat-treated, 270 300 BHN, ash chromium-plated 4150 steel, heat-treated, 270 300 BHN, phosphate-coated 4150 ceramic cast steel, heat-treated, 270 300 BHN 4340 steel, induction-hardened 0.045 in. min. depth, 50 58 Rc 4340 steel, heat-treated, 270 300 BHN 6150 steel, 300 320 BHN 6150 steel, 270 300 BHN 18% Ni maraging tool, air-hardened, 48 50 Rc Gray-iron, class 20, 160 190 BHN, phosphate-coated Gray-iron, class 20, 140 160 BHN Gray-iron, class 30, 200 220 BHN Gray-iron, class 30,
Specify the Underlying Type of an Enumeration
Monitoring Displays the Monitor screen, which allows you to view the appliance operation and configured features Save Saves the running configuration to the startup configuration in flash (write memory) Refresh Refreshes ASDM with the current running configuration of the appliance Back Takes you back to the last pane of ASDM that you visited Forward Takes you forward to the more previous pane of ASDM that you visited Look For Lets you search for a feature in ASDM Help Shows context-sensitive help for the window or pane that is currently open
C++ does not stipulate the exact nature of a command line argument because host environments (operating systems) vary considerably on this point. However, the most common convention is as follows: Each command line argument must be separated by spaces or tabs. Often, commas, semicolons, and the like are not valid argument separators. For example,
(d) (e) (f)
As with the layer 2 discussion, the protocols involved at layer 3 are split between B channel protocols and D channel protocols. On the B channel, ISDN standards do not define a protocol. The D channel has two protocols currently defined: CCITT s X.25 and I.451 (more commonly referred to as Q.931).
Cell Payload
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