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E L C O M E to the world of combat robotics. You ve watched them on TV. You ve seen models of them on toy store shelves. You ve seen them featured on the covers of magazines. You might also be among the lucky ones who have actually sat arena-side and watched in person as seemingly sane men and women guided their creations of destruction toward another machine with the express goal of mangling, dismembering, and smashing the opponent. Television has brought this controlled mayhem into the living rooms of America. You cheer wildly as your favorite robot with its spinning hammers rips the steel skin off its foe. Your robot chases its limping target into a corner, only to have a series of saw blades arise from the floor and send your hero sailing across the arena. The TV cameras pan over to the operators of the losing robot; they are smiling. Even in a moment of havoc, both sides are having fun. Parts and sparks are flying, and smoke wafts upward from the hapless opponent as hazards and weapons reach their targets. The crowd cheers and banners are waving. A winner is announced, and then two new bots start at it. You can not stop grinning. This is cool! After the program is over, you turn to your friend excitedly and say, I m gonna build one of those robots. Yeah, right, she says. You can t even program the VCR. Good luck building a robot. Hey, I ve got a book on how to build em. I ll start small, maybe build one of those little sumo robots. It s a kick to watch those little guys try to shove each other out of a ring. I have some friends who can help me get started. I m going to do it! Robot combat has come a long way from its origins. The founding father of the sport is Marc Thorpe. He came up with the idea for robotic combat while experimenting with attaching a remote-control tank to his vacuum cleaner to make house cleaning more fun. After a few years spent developing the rules for a game where two robots would duel in front of a live audience, a new sport was created: Robot Wars. The first official combat robot event was held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. It was a huge success. Since Robot Wars first came on the scene, thousands of people have participated in building combat robots, and millions have watched and cheered on their favorite bots. Many new combat robot contests such as BattleBots, Robotica, and BotBash, to name a few have been spawned from the original Robot Wars competition. data matrix barcode
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// Use an optional argument to simplify a call to a method. using System; class UseOptArgs { // Display part or all of string. static void Display(string str, int start = 0, int stop = -1) { if(stop < 0) stop = str.Length; // Check for out-of-range condition. if(stop > str.Length | start > stop | start < 0) return; for(int i=start; i < stop; i++) Console.Write(str[i]); Console.WriteLine(); } static void Main() Display("this is Display("this is Display("this is } } { a test"); a test", 10); a test", 5, 12);
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Standard Speci cations for Highway Bridges, 16th Edition, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Of cials, 1996. Seismic Evaluation and Retro t of Steel Bridges, First U.S. Seminar, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA, October 1983. Saadeghvaziri, M. Ala, A. R. Yazdani-Motlagh and S. Rashidi, Seismic Response and Evaluation of MSSS Bridges in New Jersey, Federal Highway Administration. Supplement 2000 to RSD (SUP), IAEE, Tokyo 2000.
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1. Copy the original SimpleQueue to a new file called SimpleQueue.cs. 2. In the SimpleQueue class, remove the public specifier to the q array and the indices putloc
Figure 4-12 Gatekeeper routed/direct endpoint call signaling
Description Closes the response. It also closes the response stream returned by GetResponseStream( ). Returns an input stream connected to the requested URI. Using this stream, data can be read from the URI.
Once you ve identi ed your synonym options, try using the words in various combinations. For instance, Hannah could say that her textiles exhibit the nest characteristics. Or superior traits. Or that they are of preeminent quality.
are available in a module, with the diodes and transformers already balanced within a single, low-cost dual in-line package. Lower-end passive mixers are available that employ either a single diode (Fig. 7.2a) or double diodes (Fig. 7.2b). These mixers are not double-balanced and, in contrast to an active mixer, must be supplied with a high-amplitude LO signal (but not as high as a DBM s). Nonetheless, they are cheap and require few components.
This produces the following output:
Evaluate the improper integral
adding the ultimate rejection of the SAW with the SAW s insertion loss. For example, if a SAW has an insertion loss of 20 dB, and its ultimate attenuation is 50 dBc, then the PC board will be required to supply a minimum of 70 dB of isolation to maintain the SAW s expected performance. This can be accomplished by isolating the SAW filter s input and output ports from each other by a plated-through slot, in which a piece of metal is placed through the board s dielectric to its ground between the SAW s ports. The plated-through slot will decrease the RF leakage through the substrate material of the PCB. Other methods that can be used in conjunction are: Placing a metal shield around the SAW, which separates its input/output ports above the PCB Assuring that the SAW s case has multiple direct connections to the ground plane Positioning the input/output port s matching inductors at right angles to each other Using shielded inductors 10.4 Software Radio
To change the font and the point size of the font after you ve entered text, you highlight the text using the Text Tool, and then choose a different font and point size from the Property Bar. To change a single character in text you ve typed, you highlight only that character and then use the drop-down lists on the Property Bar to make the change(s). The Property Bar lists installed fonts alphabetically, with their names shown in the font style itself as a convenient preview method. A font family is listed on the flyout for a font name on the list; you click the triangle and then choose a family member. Single-member fonts have no little triangle to the right of their name. The illustration below shows two lines of text being edited to change family members. Additionally, at the top of the fonts list
where h is the angle between the line joining the cam-pivot and the roller center, and the line joining the cam pivot and roller-crank pivot. By differentiating Eq. 8.14b with respect to input q, we get df * df dh =2 . dq dq dq Eq. (8.15) can be rewritten as df * dq * df dh =2 . dq * dq dq dq (8.17) (8.16)
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
EMEMBER: When you create a template function, you are, in essence, allowing the compiler to generate as many different versions of that function as are necessary for handling the various ways that your program calls the function.
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