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Program Control Statements
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Blends and Contours
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Phospholipids exhibit a physical behavior that makes them ideal for the formation of membranes. Biophysicists call this behavior self-assembly. Self-assembly means that the molecules will aggregate together to form various structures without need for energy input, catalysts, or other helper molecules. Let s first look at self-assembly for single-chain phospholipids and then for double-chain phospholipids.
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The following sections offer some tips and are intended to help guide you to, through, and beyond exam day.
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FIGURE 14-17
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Part I:
Writing for results requires encouraging your readers to take action. In this chapter, you ll learn how to arrange your thoughts so that you write with the action in mind. When you think rst and then write, you have a much better chance of achieving your objective. You re going to learn a methodical process, one that will be easy to use and easy to remember. In this chapter, you re going to use three tools that, taken together, will help you set your objective and analyze your audience. The three tools are: 1. Answer the question, What do I want my readers to do as a result of reading this 2. Analyze your audience by considering their personalities and using the Formality Index. 3. Assess your writing assignment with the Matrix of Persuasion.
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Related Functions
MAX and MIN MAX is a function that shows the greatest value among its arguments. MIN shows the smallest value. To show results that are always above zero, you can write it with an IF statement: =IF(A10>0,A10,0) This means that if A10 is over 0, then show it, otherwise (if it is a zero or negative number), just show a zero. You can write it with the formula that is more efficient, like this: = MAX(A10,0) This reads: Show the maximum of or the greater number between A10 or 0. Thus, if A10 is a negative number, 0 is the greater number, and that is the result you will see. If it is positive, then A10 will be the number displayed. Likewise, the following are equivalents: = IF(A10<0,A10,0) = MIN(A10,0)
caught by the reflector and bounced back into the shadow side of your subject s face.
// Constructor that takes width and height. public Rectangle(double w, double h) : base(w, h, "rectangle"){ } // Construct a square. public Rectangle(double x) : base(x, "rectangle") { } // Construct an object from an object. public Rectangle(Rectangle ob) : base(ob) { } // Return true if rectangle is square. public bool IsSquare() { if(Width == Height) return true; return false; } // Override Area() for Rectangle. public override double Area() { return Width * Height; } } class DynShapes { static void Main() { TwoDShape[] shapes = new TwoDShape[5]; shapes[0] shapes[1] shapes[2] shapes[3] shapes[4] = = = = = new new new new new Triangle("right", 8.0, 12.0); Rectangle(10); Rectangle(10, 4); Triangle(7.0); TwoDShape(10, 20, "generic");
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