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How you access the IOS CLI on a Cisco device for the first time depends on the kind of device you are configuring. In almost every case, you will use the console interface initially to interact with the device; however, gaining access to the CLI from the console port can be different from one device to another. On a Cisco router, for instance, you are taken directly to the IOS CLI when you log in from the console port. If the IOS cannot find a configuration file for the router or switch, the IOS takes you through Setup mode (commonly called the System Configuration Dialog), which is a basic configuration script that prompts you for information on how you want to configure your IOS device (discussed in 16). Once you have configured your Cisco device via the console port, you can then use other methods of accessing and changing its configuration, such as telnet or SSH Cisco calls this virtual type terminal (VTY) access Trivial File Transfer
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*.shout {text-transform: uppercase;} p.cummings {text-transform: lowercase;} h1.title {text-transform: capitalize;}
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NOTE It can be easily argued that unit testing for a software module should not be performed by the developer who wrote the module. The developer may be under time pressure to complete development and testing, and may overlook test cases or gloss over errors as irrelevant. Also, a developer can be said to be too familiar with his or her code to be capable of objectively testing it. The methodology of written by one and tested by another has the advantage of objective testing, but can be more difficult to carry out in smaller organizations where there may only be a single developer writing all of the code. System Testing As various parts of the application are developed and unit tested, they will be installed into a test environment. When a sufficient number of modules or components has been completed, it will eventually become possible to begin end-to-end (or at least partial end-to-end) testing. In this way, it will be possible to test a number of components as a whole, to verify whether they work together properly. System testing includes interface testing, to confirm that the application is communicating properly with other applications. This will include real-time interfaces as well as batch processing. System testing also includes migration testing. When one application is replacing another, data from the old application is often imported into the new application, to eliminate the need for both old and new applications to function at the same time. Migration testing ensures that data is being properly formatted and inserted into the new application. This testing is often performed several times in advance of the real, live migration at cutover time. As with unit testing, system testing should have pre-prepared test plans that were developed at the system design phase. As with unit testing, system testing should probably not be performed by the developers who developed the modules under test, nor by the integrators who set them up in the test environment. Further, system testing results should be formally documented and archived, in case they are needed later. Functional Testing Functional testing is primarily concerned with the verification of functional requirements that were developed earlier in the application project. Each functional requirement must be expressed in a way that makes it inherently verifiable. When each functional requirement is developed, one or more tests should also be developed, which are tested during the functional testing phase of the project. Functional tests should be formally recorded, including test input and test results. All of this should be archived, in case it s needed if the application is suspected of malfunctioning. Often functional test results can verify whether the malfunction was present during the functional testing before the application went live. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Before business users will formally approve and begin using a new (or updated) application, often a formal phase called user acceptance testing (UAT) is performed. UAT should consist of a formal, written body of specific tests that permits application users to determine whether the application will operate properly. The detailed output of user acceptance testing should be archived, as it may be needed in the future.
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// Demonstrate the while loop. using System; class WhileDemo { static void Main() { char ch; // Print the alphabet using a while loop. ch = 'a'; Loop while ch is less while(ch <= 'z') { than or equal to z . Console.Write(ch); ch++; } } }
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Objects that absorb the RF waves, such as walls, ceilings, and
Now that we have completed the first sweep through the income statement and the balance sheet, let s put in the balancing formulas. After that, we will go back and fill in those rows that we have left blank. When these rows are completed, we will have a fully functioning model. Reminder: Excel s Iteration setting must be on. Remember: There are two ways to balance the model. I will include both here, but you should choose only one. For the model at this point, there is no benefit or disadvantage to using either one. However, at a later point, if you want to include the automatic repayment of debt through surplus funds, that feature can be added only if you use the first method.
An expression in C++ may have tabs and spaces in it to make it more readable. For example, the following two expressions are the same, but the second is easier to read:
the show interfaces command to view the PPP status. OPEN indicates successful negotiation, and CLOSED indicates a problem. Use the debug ppp negotiation command for detailed troubleshooting of LCP and NCP.
ISAKMP and IKE are disabled by default on the appliance in 7.2 and later they need to be enabled on each interface you ll terminate IPSec tunnels on. Use the following command to enable them:
Table 9.5 ABYC AC Load Calculation Form ( lled-out example)
10. In the next window, expand Web Server, expand Common HTTP Features, and then click Static Content. 11. In the Add Role Services dialog box, expand Web Server, expand Application Development, and then click ASP.NET. 12. Click Next to enable Static Content and ASP.NET.
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