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1. Define density. 2. Write the mathematical expression of density.
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If you don t have SDM installed on your router, you can download the SDM package from Cisco and install it via the router s CLI using the copy URL flash command (discussed in 17). Optionally, you can order the SDM CD from Cisco and perform the install from the CD. If SDM is already installed on your router, you can upgrade SDM directly through the SDM interface.
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Write Lean 201
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C++ from the Ground Up
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The output from this program is shown here:
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Multithreaded Programming, Part One
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Find & Replace Using Text Tool
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Head Center Challenge: What if What have you heard the learner say or imply that reflects a mental model or assumption you can challenge How will you phrase this What if challenge
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Tokyo West Hiroshima
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Mixer Design
Application developers can create source code using tools ranging from text editors to advanced tools such as computer-aided software engineering and 4GLs. While there s little reason to discuss notepad or emacs, the advanced development tools are worth discussion.
Introduction to Deck Concrete Repair
10.7.1 Introduction
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A solar, or photovoltaic, installation is a one-time investment with a fuel- and maintenance-free lifetime of 10 years or longer. Whether a photovoltaic system would prove cost effective on your boat, however, depends very much on how you use the boat. If you live aboard and are away from the dock at least half of the time, the answer is a de nite yes. If you cruise 1 month each summer, the answer is probably no. Figure 11.1 shows the percentage of daily electrical load supplied by photovoltaic panels among 71 liveaboard cruisers surveyed in Florida and the Bahamas. The average installation was far smaller than optimal, yet the average percentage of power supplied was a signi cant 40%. Had the array sizes been optimal, I am sure the power supplied would have been in the 80 to 100% range. Also note from Figure 11.1 that cruisers who had both solar and wind systems garnered more than 90% of their power from the combination. Those having wind power, but no solar, generated 60% from the wind. Figure 10.1 compared the costs per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels, wind machines, and engine-driven alternators. The photovoltaic cost of $0.42/kilowatt-hour assumed: System used year-round Panel size 50 watts peak output Price including controls $400 Life 10 years Average daily sunshine 5.2 hours Maintenance $0 Such a panel would produce on average 5.2 hours 50 watts = 0.26 kWh per day, or 95 kWh per year. An alternative source of power would be a high-output, 110-amp alternator, charging batteries on a 50 to 85 percent-of-charge cycle. This, according to Figure 10.1, would produce power at a cost of $2.30 per kilowatthour. Compared to the cost of alternator power, solar savings would be $2.30 $0.42 = $1.88 per kilowatt-hour. At 95 kilowatt-hours per year, annual savings would be $179, and the photovoltaic system would pay for itself in $400/$177 = 2.2 years. That amounts to receiving a tax-free return on investment of 45%. Try to match that at your local bank! On the other hand, if the boat were used but 1 month out of the year, the payback would be 27 years longer than the projected life of the system.
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Once you have built your IP ACL, it will do nothing until you apply it to a process in the IOS. This chapter focuses primarily on filtering traffic through interfaces. Therefore, to have the IOS filter traffic between interfaces, you must enter the appropriate interface or interfaces and activate your ACL. Here s the command to activate an ACL on an interface:
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Remember the devices listed in Table 2-2 and the layers at which they function. Table 2-2 provides a reminder of the devices that function at various OSI Reference Model layers.
Other factors, including minimum interframe spacing specification, the required frame preamble, and the collision detection and retransmission process, will reduce the practical maximum data throughput on an Ethernet network still further. The usable data throughput from the user s perspective is further restricted by the overhead added to each data packet by the lower-layer network protocols. Data throughput can be defined at each of the various layers in the protocol stack. The data throughput as defined in this section refers to the ISO Data Link layer, or the MAC (Media Access Control) sublayer thereof. Data throughput also can be measured on each individual connection at the Network layer (such as IP), Transport layer (such as TCP), or Application layer (such as FTP) by counting only user data bytes for that protocol layer over the measurement time interval. While this requires a more sophisticated measurement tool, it more closely matches the actual data throughput experienced by a network user. Percentage utilization measurements indicate how much of the available transmission bandwidth is being consumed. Transmission bandwidth in this case refers to the bit rate or clock rate of the network. Percentage utilization is defined as the data throughput expressed as a percentage of the maximum traffic handling capacity of the transmission medium: measured data throughput 100% (15.5) utilization % = raw bandwidth of the transmission medium A 10 Mbps Ethernet segment with 625 kbytes/sec (5 Mbps) of measured data throughput would have a utilization percentage of 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 100% = 50% (15.6)
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