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Real-World Chemistry
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T-Mobile as a way of improving call center operations and staffing levels to ensure high service levels for its 20 million subscribers Emergency Medical Associates (EMA) to help physicians improve clinical diagnosis, track trends in flu-related illnesses, provide early identification of disease outbreaks, and monitor the number of patients treated in a given hour Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City as a way of controlling rising health care costs Dow Chemical to enable all managers to control individual business unit expenses, as well as to improve supply chain efficiencies by measuring order performance and inventory levels Simon and Schuster to track sales of particular books and determine the effectiveness of cooperative advertising An oil and gas company to ensure contract compliance and to reduce the number of days between product shipment and invoice issuance A manufacturing company to determine the performance of various distribution channels In some cases, the elements may not be in the data warehouse, but you can still provide them via objects in a universe or a variable in a report. In this respect, implementing a data warehouse and BusinessObjects XI simultaneously poses a challenge for the data warehouse not to become a constraint that limits your ability to leverage functionality provided by the product suite. Just because data isn t in the data warehouse, that doesn t mean you can t and shouldn t deliver data to users. If it helps achieve a business goal, do it. For example, many companies need access to external market data for benchmarking. Unless the data can be coded to conform to existing dimensions, third-party data often cannot be stored in the data warehouse. BusinessObjects XI, on the other hand, is much more flexible. It provides a number of ways to incorporate structured or unstructured external data: The repository allows users to store non-BusinessObjects documents, so if the data comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or PDF document, it can be stored in the repository. The microcube architecture allows users to merge corporate data with external data and display the results via one report or chart. Universe designers or report authors can embed HTML and web site addresses into standard reports, providing navigation through a thought or problem-resolution process. BusinessObjects Live Office allows users to store external data in a spreadsheet and refresh other parts of the spreadsheet from either a Crystal Report document or a Web Intelligence document. Designing and building the dimensional models, ETL process, and warehouse infrastructure is resource intensive and complex. Short-staffed and nearing (or past) a project milestone, it s easy to devote 90 percent of the time of a BI project to delivering the physical tables or star schemas and only 10 percent of the time to delivering universes,
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Section 2
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1. Monitoring by using NDT, SHM and remote sensors: The potential exists for the development of early problem detection and warning systems and the use of NDT facilities. Enhanced nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and visual techniques can result in increased structural reliability. Monitoring systems assist in more ef cient management of existing bridges and highway structures. Cost savings can be achieved through ef ciently managing existing bridges by implementing bridge monitoring systems. The present biennial bridge inspection interval could be transitioned to longer periods through the use of enhanced monitoring. 2. The management objectives are: To understand what information should be collected from prototype structural components and to characterize the condition, or health, of both the superstructure and the substructure. Through ef cient asset management, the service life of bridges and highway structures can be extended. Promising cost-effective technologies and enhanced monitoring strategies need to be identi ed. Deployment of multiple integrated health assessment systems is needed. 3. Resources for bridge inspection are becoming scarcer as inspection budgets are strained by our aging bridge inventory. These circumstances require more intensive inspection, but at a lower cost. With the recent increase in available monitoring and computing technology, it is feasible to develop and deploy intelligent bridge monitoring systems. 4. Implementation of effective monitoring systems results in reduction of man-hours and development of optimum inspection and repair schedules. Effective monitoring systems can: Assess long-term performance and increase system reliability Improve the credibility of inspections and subsequent ratings through less subjective data Improve uniformity of data, enabling the development of better decision-making tools Improve and augment visual assessment, and provide early detection and warning. Details are provided in 6 of this book.
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[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon] AutoAdminLogon=dword:00000001
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The Properties De ned by WebResponse
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Resubstituting the expression for ( x) gives [exp( cos3 x) ] sin x cos2 x dx = 1 exp( cos3 x) + C . 3
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V = 0.84 + SG For a 12-volt (six-cell) battery the relationship becomes that in Figure 3.9: V = 6 (0.84 + SG) Using either Figure 3.8 or Figure 3.9 requires that we actually measure the SG of the electrolyte. This operation is messy, destructive of clothing, awkward in the spaces where batteries are usually stowed, and impossible with a sealed battery. Fortunately, Figures 3.8 and 3.9 can be combined, resulting in the more convenient relationship between state of charge and open-circuit voltage shown in Figure 3.10. The figure shows that, after 24 hours of rest, this battery would read 11.6 volts when fully discharged, 12.7 volts when fully charged, and 12.2 volts when 50% discharged. If we can wait 24 hours, determining the remaining capacity of a battery is simple using an accurate voltmeter. The 24-hour rest period is provided by switching between two battery banks daily. Why do we say the battery is fully discharged at 11.6 volts when the battery obviously has some amount of charge remaining It is destructive to discharge a multicelled, lead-acid battery to 0 volts. With even small differences between cells, as 0 volts is approached, the stronger cells can drive the weaker cells into reversed polarity. Their grids will be damaged by being converted to PbSO4. To avoid damage, fully discharged is defined as 10.5 volts at the 20-hour discharge rate. For example, for a 100 Ah battery, fully discharged is the point where the voltage reads 10.5 V, at a discharge current of 100 Ah/20 hours = 5 amps.
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Port Costs for STP
Determine the equation of the line with slope 3 that passes through the point (2, 1).
FIGURE 5.17.
Expression Trees
atexit( ), abort( )
TABLE 22-1 The String Comparison Methods (continued)
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