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One way to give a variable a value is through an assignment statement, as you have already seen. Another way is by giving it an initial value when it is declared. To do this, follow the variable s name with an equal sign and the value being assigned. The general form of initialization is shown here: type var-name = value; Here, value is the value that is given to the variable when it is created. The value must be compatible with the specified type. Here are some examples:
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You need to be careful how you order catch clauses when trying to catch exception types that involve base and derived classes, because a catch clause for a base class will also match any of its derived classes. For example, since the base class of all exceptions is Exception, catching Exception catches all possible exceptions. Of course, using catch without an exception type provides a cleaner way to catch all exceptions, as described earlier. However, the issue of catching derived class exceptions is very important in other contexts, especially when you create exceptions of your own.
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Example: EuroConvertFrom(200;"DEM";2) returns 391.17.
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Because a rotated extrude is usually more visually interesting than a face-front view, the following tutorial will come in handy when you ve extruded an object that has some built-in visual interest. Extrude something interesting now, and let s take the manual, interactive rotation feature out for a spin.
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The for Loop
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While the book attempts to cover a rather broad and diverse topic with reasonable depth, it is consciously restricted in scope to avoid becoming unwieldy, difficult to follow and consequently, less effective. The specific constraints are noted below.
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The help text in the ORACLEN.PRM file appears as follows:
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Notice two things about the output in this example. First, two commands begin with cl: clear and clock. Second, notice the CLI after the help output the IOS kept the cl on the command line. Some administrators like this feature and some hate it. I m in the latter camp, since I commonly forget that the IOS device is doing this and I start typing from the beginning, like this:
Figure 2.19 (Continued)
Step 7. Set performance expectations: Set performance expectations for each performance measure: threshold, target, and excellence (see Figure 6-13).The summation of the performance expectations for all sales jobs should equal the business forecast.
User EXEC Mode
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incorrect moments in time, resulting in audio waveform distortions such as spurious tones and added noise, producing what is often described as a harsh sound. Jitter that passes into an analog speaker signal degrades spatial image, ambience, and dynamic range. Actual data errors produce clicks or pops or periods of silence. Figure 2.11 Effects of Sampling Jitter
signal arriving at network boundary
The reason the last line prints a 0 and 1 is because 1/2 in integer division is 0, with a remainder of 1. Thus, 1%2 yields the remainder 1. The unary minus, in effect, multiplies its single operand by 1. That is, any number preceded by a minus sign switches its sign.
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