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It is a diagnosis given to women with hirsutism without adrenal or ovarian dysfunction, normal serum androgen concentrations, normal menstrual cycles, and no other identifiable cause of their hirsutism. There is often a positive family history Ovarian tumor: pelvic mass, sudden onset of amenorrhea, virilization PCOS: obesity, acne, long history of irregular menses, slow onset of hirsutism beginning at puberty, acanthosis nigricans Theca-lutein cysts: hirsutism develops during pregnancy CAH: gradual onset of anovulation, positive family history Adrenal tumor: rapid onset, virilization, abdominal-flank mass Cushing syndrome: moon facies, buffalo hump, centripetal obesity, striae, extremity wasting Hyperprolactinemia: galactorrhea or visual changes with menstrual irregularities
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Visual Layout
Starting in IOS 12.4, any password greater than eight characters is truncated to eight characters by the router. The password is stored in clear text in the router s configuration. To encrypt it, use the service password-encryption command, discussed in 11. Next, you must specify whether the password is sent in clear text or used by MD5 to create a digital signature. This can be done on the interface or on an area-by-area basis. To specify the interface method, use this configuration:
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The Unified Modeling Language has become the standard notation for object-oriented modeling. Object-oriented modeling emphasizes objects rather than processes, as emphasized in traditional systems development approaches. In object-oriented modeling, one defines the objects first, followed by the features (attributes and operations) of the ob jects, and then the dynamic interaction among objects. The UML contains class diagrams, interface diagrams, and interaction diagrams to support object-oriented modeling. The class diagram notation provides an alternative to the ERD notations presented in this chapter. Class diagrams contain classes (collections of objects), associations (binary relation ships) among classes, and object features (attributes and operations). Figure 5.27 shows a simple class diagram containing the Offering and Faculty classes. The diagram was drawn with the UML template in Visio Professional. The association in Figure 5.27 repre sents a 1-M relationship. The UML supports role names and cardinalities (minimum and maximum) for each direction in an association. The 0..1 cardinality means that an offering object can be related to a minimum of zero faculty objects and a maximum of one faculty object. Operations are listed below the attributes. Each operation contains a parenthesized list of parameters along with the data type returned by the operation.
Discard the script s configuration and return to Privilege EXEC mode. Return to the beginning of the script. Activate the script s configuration, save the configuration to NVRAM, and return to Privilege EXEC mode.
Rulers can be repositioned on the page.
1.11.2 Seismic Resistance
ER Assistant, you can use the Check Diagram feature after checking the diagram rules yourself. Specifications for the ERD appear below: The Expense Reporting database tracks expense reports and expense report items along with users, expense categories, status codes, and limits on expense category spending. For each user, the database records the unique user number, the first name, the last name, the phone number, the e-mail address, the spending limit, the organizational relationships among users, and the expense categories (at least one) available to the user. A user can manage other users but have at most one manager. For each expense category available to a user, there is a limit amount. For each expense category, the database records the unique category number, the category de scription, the spending limit, and the users permitted to use the expense category. When an ex pense category is initially created, there may not be related users. For each status code, the database records the unique status number, the status description, and the expense reports using the status code. For each expense report, the database records the unique expense report number, the descrip tion, the submitted date, the status date, the status code (required), the user number (required), and the related expense items. For each expense item, the database records the unique item number, the description, the expense date, the amount, the expense category (required), and the expense report number (required). 24. For the Intercollegiate Athletic ERD shown in Figure 6.P4, identify and resolve errors and note incompleteness in the specifications. Your solution should include a list of errors and a revised ERD. For each error, identify the type of error (diagram or design) and the specific error within
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