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Fig. 4-7
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Real-World Chemistry
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Sales compensation works. While not appropriate for all selling jobs, sales compensation provides the means to reward superior sales results. Sales personnel respond to the opportunity to perform well. Sales compensation is one of many types of incentive compensation plans. Sales compensation plans feature a substantial upside opportunity for placing part of the target compensation at risk. Other pay plans such as gainsharing, add-on, and management bonus plans serve different and worthy purposes. Income producers and sales representatives are paid differently. Income producers earn a portion of their sales production. Sales representatives earn a percent of target incentive, less than for belowexpected performance, more for above-expected performance. Sales compensation follows job design. Sales compensation plans support sales job design. Changes in strategy and focus will change the sales jobs. If the sales job changes, so must the sales compensation plan.
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
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Exploring the System Namespace
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that the cube performs a series of queries to read dimension and fact data. Data records are transformed into a binary format for storage by Analysis Services. After records are read and stored, aggregations and indexes are built. The time it takes to process a cube depends on many factors, the main one being the size of the fact tables in the star schema database. Microsoft is often considered to have one of the fastest cube building engines on the market, but extremely large cubes can still take hours and hours to process. Don t forget, too, that processing copies data from the star schema and stores it in a new format; this means that the data is a snapshot in time and updates to the star schema will not be reflected until the cube is reprocessed. The good news is that there are a number of processing techniques. One is a full process, in which all existing data is removed from the cube and it is completely reloaded. Another only adds new records to the cube. There are others as well, and they exist to cover different needs in different situations. There is also a technology in Analysis Services 2005 called Proactive Caching, which allows a cube to update an in-memory cache instead of having to physically reprocess the cube. This feature is designed to allow cubes to be more real-time than those that are processed in the traditional, scheduled fashion. There are also several different storage formats, such as leaving all data in the relational engine. The specifics of these are beyond the scope of the book, but the overall process is basically the same as described here. Understand that in almost all cases, storing data in the binary Analysis Services format, called MOLAP for Multidimensional OLAP, is the fastest way to retrieve data for reporting and analysis.
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Digital PhotographyGetting to Know Your PC QuickSteps Beyond Point-and-Shoot Photography PC QuickSteps
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total NF for the entire receiver, dB noise figure for the first stage, dB NF for the second stage, dB NF for the nth stage, dB gain for the first stage, dB gain for the second stage, dB gain for the nth stage, dB.
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Low Intermediate High
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Customer equipment Operator 1 provider bridges Operator 2 provider bridges Customer equipment
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route summarization.
IOS Basics
Figure 3.46 Parallel input
static IPv6 routing. You can configure static and default IPv6 routes on the appliance with the following command:
TABLE 13.1
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