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A Better Universe
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Before you rush out to implement the latest version of an OLAP database, note that they do have their disadvantages. First, they are another database and another data source. If your
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SMTP Server This is the SMTP server from which the e-mail
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9. Sense of Humor
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To choose which User Word List is used, and to edit entries in a User Word List, open the User Word Lists dialog. From the Writing Tools dialog, click the Spell Checker tab, and then click the Options button; then choose User Word Lists from the drop-down menu. From the User Word Lists dialog, shown in Figure 16-1, you can add existing User Word Lists you might have, set the default list to which new entries are added, as well as add, delete, and edit entries in any existing User Word List. Also, you can edit the AutoCorrect entries contained in the selected list and manually add new entries to the currently selected User Word List.
Farm Maintenance
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Figure 6-8 Components in a facility power system
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