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The current transport network is designed for TDM voice traffic. As demonstrated in Figure 10.14, it has very inflexible and rigid TDM increments. For example, from a T1
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Figure 9-5
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full o u t e r join an operator that produces the matching rows (the join part) as well as the nonmatch ing rows from both input tables. one-sided outer join an operator that produces the matching rows (the join part) as well as the nonmatch ing rows from the designated input table.
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Understanding Relational Databases
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ness around supplying information that is needed in specialized areas or delivering entertainment to those with specialized tastes.
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Exception Handling
Light and Fan Timer
firmware A computer s special-purpose storage that is usually used to store the instructions required to start the computer system. Firmware is usually implemented in ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, or flash. flash A form of permanent memory that can be rewritten by the computer that it is installed on. Flash memory is used by several types of devices, including SD (Secure Digital) cards, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and USB drives. foreign key A field in a table in a relational database management system (rDBMS) that references a field in another table. See also relational database management system, table, row, field. forensic audit An audit that is performed in support of an anticipated or active legal proceeding. forensics The application of procedures and tools during an investigation of a computer or network-related event. fourth-generation language (4GL) A variety of tools that are used in the development of applications, or that are parts of the applications themselves. Frame Relay A common carrier standard for transporting packets from one network to another. Frame Relay is being replaced by MPLS. See also multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). fraud The intentional deception made for personal gain or for damage to another party. function point analysis (FPA) A method for estimating software development projects based on the number of user inputs, outputs, queries, files, and external interfaces. functional testing The portion of software testing where functional requirements are verified. general computing controls (GCC) Controls that are general in nature and implemented across most or all information systems and applications. generalized audit software (GAS) Audit software that is designed to read data directly from database platforms and flat files. general packet radio service (GPRS) An airlink standard for wireless communications between mobile devices and base stations. governance Management s control over policy and processes.
configured; if the first server doesn t respond within the configured time, the request is forwarded to the second server. The setroute parameter is used to override the default gateway address assigned by the DHCP server and to use an IP address on the appliance itself. The enable parameter enables the DHCP relay functionality. You can use the
Like the wedge, the lifter is designed to get underneath the opposing robot and lift its drive wheels off the ground. The lifter uses an active device to do so an arm driven by hydraulics, pneumatics, a geared electric motor, a powerful spring cocked by a motor, or an electric linear actuator with enough power and leverage to tilt or lift up the other robot. The end of the arm is often wedge shaped, or blended into a wedge-shaped front; and in many cases, it has grip-enhancing hooks or teeth. Figure 10-3 shows a lifter robot. The advantage of a lifter over a wedge is the ability to lift the other robot s wheels off the ground independent of movement. While a wedge can only lift the opponent higher by shoving itself under its opponent, a lifter, once underneath the opponent, can lift it up as high as its arm can go while remaining stationary. A well-designed lifter can drag its opponent around the arena freely, while a wedge can only push its opponent forward. Most combat bots are designed to be low and wide, and won t fall over until tilted 90 degrees or more. To flip opponents over with a lifter, you will need an arm with a maximum height comparable to the width of your targets. Usually, this means the pivot point of the arm is located nearly at the back of the robot, and the arm should extend on top of or down the middle of your bot to the front. Arms of this type can often double as self-righting mechanisms. The most common drive systems for arms are linear drive actuators, either electric ball-screw types or pneumatic cylinders. Electric screw actuators, consisting of an electric motor driving a telescoping cylindrical assembly through a nut and screw mechanism, make for a slow but powerful lift. These devices have the advantage of being self-contained and functional in one unit, needing only an R/C relay or motor controller to extend and retract. Pneumatics is a faster option. A powerful pneumatic system can actually hurl the opponent into the air (see the description in the
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