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Boolean IsBetween(Int32 i) Void Set(Int32 a, Int32 b)
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Minimum riprap blanket thickness, minimum D50 size and approximate D50 weight for Class 1, 2, and 3 types are shown in Table 12.5. 6. Riprap size distribution for abutments: Riprap size distribution should be the same as that for bridge piers. 7. Flowchart for the design of riprap at bridge abutments: Riprap alone is not recommended as a permanent countermeasure, but as emergency shielding only for a period of ve years or longer only after regular evaluation from underwater bridge inspection reports. Riprap can be used as secondary local armoring, in conjunction with primary structural countermeasures or with river training measures.
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Third, calculate the required microstrip s length to become a capacitor of value Xc, as calculated above, with this formula: Arctan 360 where Xc length 30 Xc length
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If you ve got a garden, you know how much trouble rabbits and other cute little critters can create. Sure, they look all cute and cuddly in Disney movies, but in real life they can be furry little nuisances kicking over your garbage can or digging up your garden. Your hard work raking, hoeing, watering, and weeding can be usurped in one evening by these hungry little beasts. If you want to keep animals out of your yard (whether for the protection of your vegetable garden or for another reason), a water repeller can be installed to scare them away. The Scarecrow Water Repeller (shown in Figure 8-14) sells for US$69.99. It is anchored to your lawn using a spike and connected to a garden hose. It utilizes a passive infrared sensor to detect motion. When it senses something crawling around your yard, it emits a noise, and then follows it up with a three- to four-second blast of water.
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In these examples, the envelope is used to create different looks.
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// Expanding the string type. #include <iostream> #include <cstring> using namespace std; class str_type { char string[80]; public: str_type(char *str = "") { strcpy(string, str); } str_type operator+(str_type str); str_type operator+(char *str); str_type operator=(str_type str); str_type operator=(char *str); void show_str() { cout << string; } } ;
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As this output shows, foreach cycles through an array in sequence from the lowest index to the highest. Although the foreach loop iterates until all elements in an array have been examined, it is possible to terminate a foreach loop early by using a break statement. For example, this program sums only the first five elements of nums:
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CourseNo IS320 IS480 IS480 IS480 IS480 IS480
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If a project is big enough to need one, a lead designer will manage the design process. The lead designer s role is to set the large-scale vision of the game and establish the reasons that someone would want to play it in the first place. He blocks out the major areas that need work, and then hands them off to the game designers for refinement. If the company were designing Monopoly, it would be the lead designer who says, We re going to make a board game about buying and selling real estate. The object of the game is to accumulate as much money as possible and bankrupt all the other players. As the name implies, part of the lead designer s job is managerial; he s responsible for making sure the rest of the design team gets their work done as well as doing his own.
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string SubStr(string input_parameter; integer start; integer length)
The following Self Test questions will help you measure your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. Read all the choices carefully, as there may be more than one correct answer. Choose all correct answers for each question.
The output from the program is shown here:
Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
The output of this program is shown here:
Total nominal shear resistance Vn Vc Vs v (Vu Vp ) / bv dv LRFD Eq (5-65) v/fc 0.25 At rst critical section for shear, calculate design (factored) dead load and live load moments. Using the LRFD shear design ow chart and Table 1 (LRFD, LRFD Table 5-5, and Figure 5-19, calculate x: Aps fp0] / 2 (Es As Ep Aps) LRFD Eq. (5-70) x [Mu/dv 0.5 Nu 0.5 (Vu Vp) cot 0.002 (LRFD Calculate Vn Vs Vc and compare with the simpli ed method. Check longitudinal reinforcement LRFD (Vu / 0.5 Vs Vp) cot ] LRFD Eq. (5-74) Force T [Mu / dv 0.5 Nu / 2 3 fpc ) db LRFD Eq. (5-36) Development length Ld (fps Compute nominal shear resistance at stirrup change (at 20 ft. from center line of bearing) (LRFD 5.11.4) Compute maximum shear at stirrup change. Check longitudinal reinforcement. Check tensile capacity on exural tension side of member Force T. Load rating equation IM) (EQ 6-1) RF [C ( DC) (DC) ( DW) (DW) P (P)] / L (LL Condition factor ( c) 1.0 for no deterioration. (LRFD System factor ( s) 1.0 for a multi-girder bridge. (LRFD Resistance factor ( ) 1.0 for exure (LRFD Design rating equation LRFD 6.4.3 Strength I limit state: C ( c) ( s) ( ) Rn RF [( c) ( s) ( ) Rn ( DC) (DC) ( DW) (DW)] / L (LL IM) (LRFD Condition factor ( c) 1.0 for no deterioration. (LRFD System factor ( s) 1.0 for a slab bridge (LRFD Factors for inventory rating: DC 1.25; DW 1.5; LI 1.75 Factors for operating rating: DC 1.25; DW 1.5; LL 1.35 Flexure at midspan: Operating rating Inventory rating ( LI/ LO) A systematic evaluation of the shear and longitudinal yield criteria based on shear-moment interaction should be performed along the length of the beam at L/20, in addition to points of special interest. Flexural ratings should be checked at maximum moment sections and at sections where there are changes in exural resistance. Service III limit state Rating factor for inventory level fpb Compressive stress due to effective prestress Allowable tensile stress 0.19 (fc )0.5 (LRFD Flexural resistance fR fpb Allowable tensile stress Compute dead load stresses fD Compute live load stresses f LL IM RF [(fR ( D) fD ] / L f LL IM (LRFD
Fig. 1.4 Series/Parallel Loads
// Use Substring(). using System; class SubStr { static void Main() { string orgstr = "C# makes strings easy."; // construct a substring string substr = orgstr.Substring(5, 12); Console.WriteLine("orgstr: " + orgstr); Console.WriteLine("substr: " + substr); } }
that their receivers are wideband and are unable to measure within a sufficiently narrow bandwidth. These instruments are designed to measure peak-to-peak jitter in the transmission network for troubleshooting purposes; they are not designed to make selective jitter measurements. Such jitter analyzers just measure the peak-topeak value of the incoming jitter over a wide frequency range. Problems occur when testing the jitter transfer of real network equipment such as SDH regenerators. The regenerator produces intrinsic jitter, which disturbs the measurement because the receiver cannot determine whether it is measuring the injected sinusoidal jitter from the SDH analyzer s transmitter or the intrinsic jitter generated at a different frequency by the regenerator. The problem is greatest at higher frequencies, when the amount of jitter injected (according to ITU-T G.958) is much smaller. The measurement is then corrupted by the higher-amplitude intrinsic jitter generated by the regenerator at lower frequencies, leading to incorrect results. The accurate method for measuring jitter transfer requires a selective measurement. Experience has shown that a filter bandwidth of approximately 10 Hz is required in order to provide sufficiently accurate and repeatable results.
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