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Figure 6.26 Example of Virtual Package
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call is being set up, a flow may get admitted but the actual data may not flow until the service flow has been admitted by all the entities involved. Once the end-to-end call setup is complete, the flow is activated. The notion of admitted flow and active flow serves the purpose of conserving network resources until a complete end-to-end connection has been set. Types and parameters of service flows can be very dynamic, but their dynamic behavior is dictated by a logical entity called an Authorization Module. This entity defines an outer bound envelope, referred to as an AuthorizedQoSParameterSet, within which all the QoS parameter sets have to remain as service flows change. It ensures that the Admitted QoS Parameters Set is subset of the Provisioned QoS Parameter Set and the Active QoS Parameter Set is a subset of the Admitted QoS Parameter Set. In other words, the Authorization Module ensures that active service flows do not require more resources than admitted service flows, which in turn do not require more resources than provisioned service flows.
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data in a central location, providing end users with access to the data and software, which is accessed across the World Wide Web.
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which links may be used in a given CR-LSP. The purpose is to help limit the set of possible links to those that meet certain resource requirements. For example, a resource class could indicate OC-48, meaning that all links of OC-48 capacity belong to that resource class. Similarly, Gigabit Ethernet (Gig-E) could be a resource class. Resource classes are sometimes known as colors, where resources of the same color belong to the same class. A given resource can belong to more than one resource class. Note that CRLDP does not specify the specifics of resource classes; it simply provides a means for indicating a resource class in LDP messages. CR-LDP does so by allowing for a resource class TLV. It is only necessary that all LSRs within a given domain have the same understanding of resource classes and the contents of the resource class TLV.
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The sample variable holds a reference to the memory allocated by new. This memory is large enough to hold ten elements of type int. As is the case when creating an instance of a class, it is possible to break the preceding declaration in two. For example:
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// Use an indexer to create a fail-soft array. using System; class FailSoftArray { int[] a; // reference to underlying array public int Length; // Length is public public bool ErrFlag; // indicates outcome of last operation // Construct array given its size. public FailSoftArray(int size) { a = new int[size]; Length = size; } // This is the indexer for FailSoftArray. public int this[int index] { // This is the get accessor. get { if(ok(index)) { ErrFlag = false; return a[index]; } else { ErrFlag = true; return 0; } }
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This f is a function because every person has one and only one legal name. Notice that several people may have the same name (such as Jack Armstrong), but that is allowed in the definition of function.
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
CD-Recordable technology introduced the idea of desktop disc mastering, but it wasn t until CD duplicators were introduced that ef cient production-level desktop electronic publishing on CD could be realized. Disc copiers were the rst machines to be introduced in this class, but these are only capable of low-volume production since they usually include only a few recorders, from one to three or four, and they are hand-loaded. Towers came next, with a larger number of recorders, but they were originally handicapped in the maximum number of recorders that could be t into a computer case, and the limitations on the number of bus slots on a motherboard. Today s tower enclosures can hold up to thirty recorders, but, because their recorders are hand-loaded, when you are recording discs with small data sets, setting up the operation could take longer than the actual recording. The next advance came when robotics were added to disc recording on multiple recorders. With this strategy, manufacturers made it possible to nally perform true production-level disc publishing with recordable discs. There are, however, other applications of robot handling when combined with disc recorders besides simply churning out multiple copies of a title. An auto-loading duplicator in an enterprise environment can provide productivity and product quality enhancements that far outweigh the initial investment cost. Even a small capacity single-drive device with a slow
Appendix D
backstay insulators, 224, 225, 231 batteries ABYC standards, 46 battery banks, 44 chemical reactions, 28 30 composition of, 28 29, 30 costs of, 42 43 dimensions, 40 discharge, depth of, 42 43 discharging, 7, 27, 29, 30, 34 35 electrical model, 31 fully discharged, 29, 33 galley battery, 28 installation, 27, 46 life cycles of, 42 loads and, 38 39, 44 monitoring, 27, 32 33, 250 52 parallel connections, 7, 27, 44 phases of, 29 30 self-discharging, 31, 33 series connections, 7, 27, 44 shedding, 30, 138 sizes, 27, 40, 42, 44 speci cations, 35 sulfation, 30, 42 temperature and, 31, 33, 34, 36 troubleshooting, 64 69
Security Incident Management
You can also obtain a file s time of creation by calling GetCreationTime( ) and the time at which it was last written to by calling GetLastWriteTime( ). UTC versions of these methods are also available. (UTC stands for coordinated universal time.) You might want to experiment with these.
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