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This is the system checkout, trial run, and finishing touches stage. First, make sure everything works, then find out how well it works, then try to make it work even better. When you re satisfied, you paint, polish, and sign your work. Let s look at the individual areas.
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EIGRP Configuration
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Getting Started
Q: A:
Configuration Dialog questions can be answered to place a basic configuration on the switch.
Now that the hardest part is over, the remaining four tasks are easy. At this point, you know the number of subnet bits you need. However, when dealing with networking and subnet masks, a subnet mask s network portion contains both network and subnet bits. Remember the default number of networking bits for a class address: A is 8, B is 16, and C is 24. Given this, you can just add the class address bits to the subnet bits, and this gives you the total number of networking bits. In this example, 24 + 4 = 28. To make the remaining three steps easier, you can convert the number of bits of the subnet mask to a dotted-decimal mask. Tables 7-3, 7-4, and 7-5 show the lists of subnet masks if you need help. However, this process is not too difficult. First, remember that a subnet mask, just like an IP address, is represented in a dotted-decimal format, with 8 bits in each octet. That means, for a Class C mask, the first 24 bits are set to 1. In other words, the mask at least begins with 255.255.255. Your job is to figure out the mask in the last octet. Remember that the four highest bits are for subnetting, so just add up these decimal values: 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 = 240. You can also use a shortcut (which I always use). Recall from the example that the number of host bits that are used are the four lower order bits. Add up these values: 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 15. The largest number represented by a byte is 255. Since you re not using these bits, just subtract this value from 255, which will give you the mask value in this byte of 255 15 = 240. I find it easier to add up the small values and subtract them from 255 than to add up the larger bit-decimal values. Eventually, you Remember how to convert won t have to do this mathematical trick as a binary subnet mask value to a dottedyou become accustomed to performing IP decimal format using the shortcut: add addressing and dealing with subnetting. Going up the host bit values in decimal and back to our example, our subnet mask for subtract them from 255. network is, or
integer NumberofRows([data_provider_object])
y-position y (m) 2.000 10
TABLE 7.3 Extended Superframe
Related Function
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