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Invasive Secondary Market Effects Once a biometric identifier is captured or collected from an individual in the primary market, and even if it is captured only once, the biometric identifier could easily be replicated, copied, and otherwise shared among countless public and private sector databases. This sharing in a secondary market could conceivably take place without the individual s knowledge or consent. Indeed, biometric identifiers could be bought and sold in a secondary market much the way names and addresses on mailing lists are currently bought and sold by data merchants. An example illustrates the secondary market effect: I give my face and fingerprints to my local sports club so I can access the club and keep better track of my workouts. I do this by presenting my face to a camera whenever I enter and by touching my finger to the computer display on the treadmill and other equipment. I get a detailed monthly fitness report. The sports club conveniently enrolled both of my index fingers so I don t even have to remember which pointer
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Every new file you create, every file your coworker shares with you, and every CorelDRAW template you use has its own set of page properties that have two attributes: physical properties and display preferences. The physical properties refer to the size, length, and color of each page. Display preferences control how page values are viewed. Let s begin with the most common options and then move on to the more specialized features.
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In recent years, we have witnessed groundbreaking developments in the area of optical networking, especially with the emergence of such advanced transmission technologies as dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), inline optical amplification in the form of erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), optical path routing (wavelength cross-connecting), wavelength add-drop multiplexers (WADM), high-speed switching, and so on all of which were quickly adopted in core networks and WANs, boosting the transmission capacity of the telecommunications backbone and increasing its reliability. Simultaneously, LANs made a huge step forward by upgrading the existing infrastructure from 10 Mbps Ethernet lines to typically 100 Mbps or even 1 Gbps solutions, courtesy of a new Gigabit Ethernet standard recently adopted by the IEEE [2]. An increasing number of households are in possession of more than one personal computer, typically internetworked using home area networks (HANs) based on LAN solutions, with low-cost Ethernet switches and hubs being the devices of choice for
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Figure 5-13
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Low Intermediate High
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Safety Precautions
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output pulses are polarized along the principal states of polarization, and separated in time by the differential group delay. A polarization-independent receiver responds to the sum of the two pulses, effectively resulting in pulse broadening.
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Figure 8-9 Upstream /downstream signal combined in a single ber
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DC Standar ds and Practices
It should be clear that the data reported by a device like a hub is a lot less complex than that from something like a router. The hub needs to report Ethernet collisions on the LAN, the number of frames handled, the number of errored frames, and so on. The router, on the other hand, has routing tables, queue sizes, memory utilization, CPU utilization, and so on. To keep this all straight, the management function must know about the content of each MIB on each device. In other words, it must have a complete database identical to the one on the managed device so that when it receives the information, it can place it in the appropriate location. When a new device is installed in the network, its MIB content and format must be loaded into the machine (typically, a host or a workstation), providing the management function. Likewise, the agent software must be installed in the managed device. This emphasizes an important point. Setting up and running a network management system is more than a casual undertaking. It requires a commitment on the part of management to provide the resources and purchase the appropriate tools.
// ... } // Demonstrate interface constraints. class UseInterfaceConstraint { static void Main() { // The following code is OK because Friend // implements IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<Friend> plist = new PhoneList<Friend>(); plist.Add(new Friend("Tom", "555-1234", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Gary", "555-6756", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Matt", "555-9254", false)); try { // Find the number of a friend given a name. Friend frnd = plist.FindByName("Gary"); Console.Write(frnd.Name + ": " + frnd.Number); if(frnd.IsWorkNumber) Console.WriteLine(" (work)"); else Console.WriteLine(); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } Console.WriteLine(); // The following code is also OK because Supplier // implements IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<Supplier> plist2 = new PhoneList<Supplier>(); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Global Hardware", "555-8834")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Computer Warehouse", "555-9256")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("NetworkCity", "555-2564")); try { // Find the name of a supplier given a number. Supplier sp = plist2.FindByNumber("555-2564"); Console.WriteLine(sp.Name + ": " + sp.Number); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } // The following declaration is invalid because EmailFriend // does NOT implement IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<EmailFriend> plist3 = new PhoneList<EmailFriend>(); // Error! } }
string result = String.Concat("The value is " + 19); Console.WriteLine("result: " + result); result = String.Concat("hello ", 88, " ", 20.0, " ", false, " ", 23.45M); Console.WriteLine("result: " + result); MyClass mc = new MyClass(); result = String.Concat(mc, " current count is ", MyClass.Count); Console.WriteLine("result: " + result); } }
Google has spent years developing infrastructure for scalable web applications, said Pete Koomen, a product manager at Google. We ve brought Gmail and Google search to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and we ve built out a powerful network of datacenters to support those applications. Today we re taking the first step in making this infrastructure available to all developers.
Two different programs for coaches, consultants, trainers, and managers are offered in locations throughout the world: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (6 days) and What Type of Leader Are You (6 days). Information and dates available at TheEnneagramInBusiness.com Events Calendar.
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