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Protocol Analyzer
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18: Private-Sector Programs
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Program Control Statements
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as defined in figure assumes that it will be passed not just one, but two values. Since circle does not require this second value, what is the best course of action There are two ways to resolve this problem. First, you can call set_dim( ) using a dummy value as the second parameter when using a circle object. This has the disadvantage of being sloppy as well as requiring you to remember a special exception, which violates the one interface, many methods approach. A better way to resolve this problem is to give the y parameter inside set_dim( ) a default value. In this way, when calling set_dim( ) for a circle, you need specify only the radius. When calling set_dim( ) for a triangle or a square, you would specify both values. The expanded program is shown here:
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Trunk and Extremities
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In this example, a combination of NAT and PAT is used for the internal devices: the two internal subnets are each assigned their own pool of public addresses: For policy 1, is translated to 125 (this uses NAT) For policy 2, is translated to (this uses PAT)
2960 Overview
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
The bridge engineering industry is an evolving world. In the light of recent progress made in repair methods for steel and concrete materials in the U.S. and abroad, new repair techniques have been on the rise. Construction technology has revolutionized modern day repairs signi cantly. The rapid growth in technology needs to be addressed in detail. It needs to be directed toward redesign and reconstruction. New design standards, new rating standards, and the increasingly competitive marketplace may be challenging, but with the right tools these changes are easier to navigate. They need to be examined and considered for potential use. In this chapter, market ready technologies, vendor s products, innovative techniques for use of new construction materials, remote health monitoring, and recent developments in repairs and rehabilitation methods are addressed. Use of such ef cient methods will cut down the life cycle costs and the duration of maintenance. Some of the newer methods have not been fully tested and precautions may be required in their applications. The latest ideas, ingenuity, and contributions from individual researchers and publications are listed in the Bibliography at the end of this chapter. Also in this chapter, recent developments in new materials and prefabricated concrete elementsfor rapid construction will be discussed. The motto recommended by FHWA s Highways for LIFE initiative is Get In, Get Out, and Stay Out. In the context of rehabilitation, LIFE initials stand for the following: L Long lasting I Innovative F Fast construction E Effective and safe.
10. LCCA
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