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Alternative 1: Short the Surges
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with si = s(yi), for i = 1, 2, and s (yi) and s (yi) de ned likewise. The problem thus i i reduces to solving two independent nonlinear equations, (7.81a) and (7.81b), for the two unknowns y1 and y2. Furthermore, we have, from Eq. (7.80), c tan a M + e = s 1 - s 1 tan a m c tan a M + e = s 2 - s 2 tan a m . (7.82) (7.83)
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Ring State LEM reject count, LEM count, SMT transmit frames, ring op count Token Rotation Time
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Software Tools
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The environment bitmap images were created from renders performed in Carrera and Vue, modeling applications. The rendered images were then distorted to a fish-eye perspective using the Pinch/Punch bitmap filter, available within both CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT. You can create environment images of your own for PowerClips using an ordinary digital camera, a good scene with a visible horizon, and this 3D filter. Here are the steps to creating a PowerClip illusion and in the process building a fairly photorealistic metal reflecting button. Be sure to read the previous sections if you haven t already, because this button will need a glow effect to complete its look.
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Self Test Answers
The SortedList<TK, TV> class stores a sorted list of key/value pairs. It is the generic equivalent of the non-generic SortedList class. SortedList<TK, TV> implements IDictionary, IDictionary<TK, TV>, ICollection, ICollection< KeyValuePair<TK, TV>>, IEnumerable, and IEnumerable< KeyValuePair<TK, TV>>. The size of a SortedList<TK, TV> is dynamic and will automatically grow as needed. SortedList<TV, TK> is similar to SortedDictionary<TK, TV> but has different performance characteristics. For example, a SortedList<TK, TV> uses less memory, but a SortedDictionary<TK, TV> is faster when inserting out-of-order elements. SortedList<TK, TV> provides many constructors. Here is a sampling: public SortedList( ) public SortedList(IDictionary<TK, TV> dict) public SortedList(int capacity) public SortedList(IComparer<TK> comp) The first constructor creates an empty list with a default capacity. The second creates a list that contains the same elements as those in dict. The third lets you specify an initial capacity. If you know in advance that you will need a list of a certain size, then specifying that capacity will prevent the resizing of the list at runtime, which is a costly process. The fourth form lets you specify a comparison method that will be used to compare the objects contained in the list. The capacity of a SortedList<TK, TV> list grows automatically as needed when elements are added to a list. When the current capacity is exceeded, the capacity is increased. The advantage of specifying a capacity is that you can prevent or minimize the overhead associated with resizing the collection. Of course, it makes sense to specify an initial capacity only if you have some idea of how many elements will be stored. In addition to the methods defined by the interfaces that it implements, SortedList<TK, TV> also defines several methods of its own. A sampling is shown in Table 24-18. Notice that the enumerator returned by GetEnumerator( ) enumerates the key/value pairs stored in the list as objects of type KeyValuePair.
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