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If you want to post an image on a Web site, or if the e-mail option won t work with your e-mail application, you can resize high-resolution images and optimize them using the Save For Web command.
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Good Writing Starts with Clear Thinking 25 Choose Your Organizational Structure 25 Exercise 5: Select an Organizational Structure 40 Organize Your Thinking Using an Outline or Hub & Spokes 44 Exercise 6: Get Your Thoughts Down on Paper 50
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Console.WriteLine(); // Compute the area per person in office. areaPP = office.Area / office.Occupants; Console.WriteLine("office has:\n " + office.Floors + " floors\n " + office.Occupants + " occupants\n " + office.Area + " total area\n " + areaPP + " area per person"); } }
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Finding a Contractor
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Risk reduction required Risk reduction required
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NOTE The CurrentTime() function will return the system time on the server adjusted to the
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None 5.7 4.6 3.2 inches 24.7 ounces without battery Camera body only Voice memo Self timer Nikon View 5.1 Information not available
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
TDM: Circuit Bonding
Here, AType defaults to type int, and size defaults to 10. As the program illustrates, atype objects can be created three ways:
and Pop( ). Allow the user to specify the size of the stack when it is created. Keep all other members of the Stack class private. Hint: You can use the SimpleQueue class as a model; just change the way that the data is accessed.
Telecommunications and information managers have many options to connect remote sites. The options have expanded with all the wireless excitement and the expansion of VLSI integration, making the devices far more affordable. Today, there are more vendors trying to sell the end user on their products. The CLECs, CAPs, and Wireless CAPs are all vying for this portion of connectivity, but so, too, are the manufacturers. How do you make sense of all the hype and make a decision consistent with corporate goals That is not as complicated as it sounds. Conducting a needs assessment is critical to understanding the connectivity goal. After your needs are determined, the next step is to find a solution that works. Does the solution offer a cost justification, and it can be delivered in a reasonable time Complications arise when vendors don t have the actual solution needed, but try to force the solution to fit with their product. They further disparage the other vendors with fear, uncertainty, and doubt about competing products. So step one is to determine the technical requirements. Most organizations look for bandwidth and reliability. If these two requirements can be reasonably met, one need only find a vendor to deliver the following: 1. What you need 2. When you need it 3. What is reasonable financially
If your product is going to be sold in another country, you have to plan for it in advance, as I mentioned in 2. Localization has an impact across the whole development team, even the programming: Programmers Programmers must write the software so that all text is read in from files and none is hardwired into the code. Far Eastern languages require two bytes, rather than one, to store each character of text, so if the game is to be localized for one of those languages, the programmers must allocate additional memory for the text. On console machines, the programmers must make sure the code works on both PAL and NTSC television systems. Artists This group must create multiple versions of any art that includes text, and multiple versions of any art that is culturally sensitive. Nazi symbols are forbidden in Germany, for example, so games about World War II require special artwork for the German market. Audio engineers Audio engineers have to record separate versions of any voiceover dialog in every language the game will support. The game may even need different music; Japanese and American tastes are somewhat different, for example. Writers Writers must get their material translated. In addition to the in-game text, the product will need a new box and manual for each country. All this work should be completed before the end of alpha, and, of course, it all has to be tested.
Incident Prevention
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