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As might be expected, the kinds of authoring tools that are available for creating DVD-V content are very specialized and the professional-caliber tools on the market remain very expensive in comparison to multimedia authoring tools for producing CD-ROM content. Encoders for producing MPEG-2 video range in price from software-only solutions suitable for home and consumer applications to elaborate standalone systems with high-speed processor tailored to providing the highest quality video at accelerated rates. Professional-caliber systems generally cost tens of thousands of dollars, although there has been a progressive reduction in cost as the industry has expanded and matured. More information on authoring tools and techniques is provided in 17, DVD Creation.
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UHF Ch 65
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Applications of the Integral
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receiver is accepting both ground waves and sky waves, or sky waves and surface waves, or waves arriving from one-hop and two-hop paths. The two signals are, as above, alternately in phase and out of phase with each other, causing severe fading conditions. Multipath can create high intersymbol interference (ISI) and BER in digital communications systems, and is magnified by misalignment of the transmit or receive antenna, by a receive location that is near an RF reflective site (such as a building or a mountain behind the receiver), or by the surface movement of trucks or automobiles sending back a secondary signal to the receive antenna. This multipath can be examined as a frequency-selective amplitude notch and/or a tilting and misshaping of the received waveform on the screen of a spectrum analyzer (Fig. 1.57) in digital communications systems. Without an equalizer built into the receiver s baseband circuits to fill-in for these multipath effects, small tilts and notches of 1 dB (or less) would quickly render
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Citrix XenApp Platinum includes CPU management and virtual memory optimization, and it leverages the 64-bit platform to get the maximum number of users on every server. The cumulative effect of all these optimizations has been so significant that Citrix eLabs recently demonstrated acceptable performance of 500 users on a single quad core 64-bit server. This dramatic increase in users per server is key to the virtualization revolution, because it significantly reduces hardware acquisition costs, electricity and cooling costs (some organizations estimate that electricity and cooling costs now eclipse the cost of the server itself), and management and maintenance.
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Given the increased resolutions of high-definition content, the bitrates have to be adjusted, as well. However, they certainly did not adjust scale in a linear manner. In other words, with a high-definition resolution that is six times greater than standard definition, the maximum bitrates for video did not increase by a factor of six. Instead they only increased by a factor of four. For DVD, the maximum video bitrate is 9.8 Mbps with a combined multiplexed bitrate (including all audio, video, and subtitle streams) of 10.08 Mbps. For Blu-ray, the maximum video bitrate is 40 Mbps and the maximum multiplexed bitrate is 48 Mbps. The reason for the larger delta between video and multiplexed bitrate is to allow enough room for additional audio streams, especially lossless audio streams. So now, the million-dollar question is how can the larger amount of pixels be encoded with fewer bits while keeping the quality equal or even better The answer is rather simple: through advances in compression technologies. Although both VC-1 and AVC still use a block-based motion compensation and spatial transform scheme similar to MPEG-2, there are several enhancements in the two new codecs. Figure 6.21, presented at the end of this chapter, shows a generalized block diagram of an MPEG-2 encoder. VC-1 provides adaptive block-size transforms, improved motion compensation, and a simple de-blocking filter, among others tools. Figure 6.22, also presented at the end of this chapter, shows a block diagram of a VC-1 encoder. AVC provides even more advanced features and enables a lot of flexibility in the encoding process to adapt to the complexity of the scene. As an example, the configuration of blocks and slices, with a slice being defined as a contiguous group of multiple blocks, is flexible. So are the multi-picture inter-picture predictions that are able to provide a higher quality image. AVC also provides an integer-based transform algorithm to eliminate reconstruction errors during decode, a strong de-blocking filter, and greater precision for motion compensation. However, the biggest improvement is achieved through the Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) approach, which allows a more efficient entropy coding of the syntax elements, and results in very big quality improvements. Figure 6.23 shows a generalized block diagram of an MPEG-4 AVC encoder, and is presented at the end of this chapter. One thing to consider for both of the advanced codecs is that the increased efficiency does not come for free. The penalty to pay is related to processing times. While an entire film using MPEG-2 can be encoded in about the time it takes to play the film, this may not be possible with VC-1 or AVC. The processing requirements for both advanced codecs are much higher than for MPEG-2 resulting in much longer encoding times. One way to address this problem is the use of so-called render farms. Many professional users take advantage of the method of multiple computers connected via a network to share resources for encoding tasks to significantly reduce processing times. Similarly, the advanced codecs also require more expensive decoding circuitry in the players.
Identify and prioritize those bridges rst for repairs or replacement, based on vulnerability. 1. Either extend seat width (Figure 12.23) or provide cable restrainers (Figure 12.20) if seat widths are inadequate. 2. Provide continuity by casting a continuous deck slab and by structural modi cations. 3. Eliminate expansion joints to improve seismic performance.
The income for a certain company is a combination of steady growth and a cyclic component w t the income following S = 2t + t s i n ( n t l 2 ) where S is in tens of ih thousands of dollars per month and t is a quarter of a year ( t = 1 corresponds to 3 months, or one-quarter). The income for any period is the integral of this income per month function over that period. Find the income for the next 3 quarters.
IPv6 Addresses
public object GetValue(params long[ ] indices)
In the preceding example, a parameterless constructor was used. While this is fine for some situations, most often, you will need a constructor that accepts one or more parameters. Parameters are added to a constructor in the same way that they are added to a method: Just declare them inside the parentheses after the constructor s name. For example, here, MyClass is given a parameterized constructor:
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