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Figure 29-12: Class A subnetted with a firewall to the Internet Table 29-1: The routing table for route R-2 Destination All others Next Hop Attached Attached Attached Attached Hops 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 Port# C C C A B C D A A A
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A 1 BALANCE SHEET 2 Surplus funds plug 3 Current assets 1 4 Current assets 2 5 Long-term assets 6 Total assets (TA) 7 8 Necessary to finance plug 9 Current liabilities 1 10 Current liabilities 2 11 Debt 1 12 Debt 2 13 Debt 3 14 Total liabilities (TL) 15 16 Common stock 17 Retained earnings 18 Shareholders equity (SHE) 19 Total liabs & SH equity 20 21 Debt 1 input 22 Debt 1 before cash sweep 23 24 Debt 2 input 25 Debt 2 before cash sweep 26 27 Debt 3 input 28 Debt 3 before cash sweep 29 30 INCOME STATEMENT 31 32 Revenues 33 Expense 34 Earnings before interest and tax 35 36 Interest income surplus funds (5%) 37 Interest expense NTF (10%) 38 Interest expense debt 1 (10%) 39 Interest expense debt 2 (10%) 40 Interest expense debt 3 (10%) 41 Earnings before taxes 42 43 Taxes (40%) 44 Net income 45
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Wireless Essentials
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// Demonstrate an anonymous union. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { // this is an anonymous union union { short int count; char ch[2]; }; // Here, refer to union members directly ch[0] = 'X'; ch[1] = 'Y'; cout << "union as chars: " << ch[0] << ch[1] << '\n'; cout << "union as integer: " << count << '\n'; return 0; }
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The development of optical amplifiers during the late 1980s was based on the efforts of researchers at Bell Laboratories, then part of AT&T and NTT of Japan. As we noted earlier in this chapter erbium , amplifiers were developed by doping a length of fiber and then pumping the fiber at a wavelength of 980 nm. The laser pump provides the energy for the amplifier while the incoming signal results in stimulated emissions as light pulses pass through the section of the doped fiber. Because the stimulated emission results in the stimulation of additional emissions, the effect is a rapid growth in the flow of photons in the doped portion of the fiber. Figure 6.12 illustrates the components of an erbium optical amplifier. Note that the laser pump, coupler and a small , section of erbium-doped fiber are typically assembled in a common housing. The effect of the erbium amplifier can result in a gain of approximately 40 dB, or 10,000 times the received signal. The use of couplers made it relatively easy to increase the number of light sources being combined onto a common fiber. A more difficult task facing engineers was the demultiplexing of the common light source. To separate the different wavelengths coupled onto a fiber devel, opers used a mirrorlike device known as a grating that works in essentially the same way as a prism. Specifically the grating is used to sepa, rate light sources into their individual wavelengths by reflecting them at different angels. Figure 6.13 illustrates the wavelength division multiplexing process, which may be a tongue twister but that actually represents the process of distributing the different wavelengths to their intended destinations. Note that the grating must be extremely accurate in reflecting different wavelengths to applicable output fibers.
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3. Create the Truck class as shown here: // Use Vehicle to create a Truck specialization. class Truck : Vehicle { // This is a constructor for Truck. public Truck(int p, int f, int m, int c) : base(p, f, m) { CargoCap = c; } // Auto-implemented property for cargo capacity in pounds. public int CargoCap { get; protected set; } }
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PNP transistor. The PNP transistor functions in exactly the same way as the NPN transistor, except that its diodes are reversed. Figure 14.2 shows the lead de nitions and current directions in the PNP transistor. Due to the reversal of diodes, current IB will now ow whenever the base is negative relative to the emitter. Current gain is again de ned as:
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Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer
Cultivating Interests Before Callings
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3: Female Anatomy
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