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R2 is the same value as X. Thus, the outcome of a sequence of two XORs using the same value produces the original value. To see this feature of the XOR in action, we will create a simple cipher in which some integer is the key that is used to both encode and decode a message by XORing the characters in that message. To encode, the XOR operation is applied the first time, yielding the ciphertext. To decode, the XOR is applied a second time, yielding the plaintext. Of course, such a cipher has no practical value, being trivially easy to break. It does, however, provide an interesting way to demonstrate the effects of the XOR, as the following program shows:
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Figure 9.2 A typical transmit optic and transmit beam profile
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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To connect the radio s internal PCB board to the outside world, an SMA, N, or BNC RF connector is normally adopted. The actual connector chosen will depend on the frequency of operation and the cost, and can be directly connected to the board s 50-ohm microstrip line in one of two ways. The connector can either be launched directly off the edge of the board (Fig. 10.12), or at a 90 degree angle through the ground plane and substrate (Fig. 10.13). SAW filters in wireless design are becoming much more common than in the past, so some considerations for the board s layout must be accommodated. Because of the SAW filter s large insertion losses, high isolation between its input and output must be maintained on the circuit board, since a signal must not be permitted to bypass the SAW. The isolation required is calculated by
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References to biometrics, as a concept, date back over a thousand years. In East Asia, potters placed their fingerprints on their wares as an early form of brand identity. In Egypt s Nile Valley, traders were formally identified based on physical characteristics such as height, eye color, and complexion. This information
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B s adapter. As A s frame traverses the LAN let s further assume that , workstation B has data to transmit. Because A s frame has not yet reached B s workstation, B listens to the LAN does not hear A s frame, , and begins its transmission. From a worst-case collision detection perspective, workstation B would begin its transmission just before the first bit in workstation A s frame arrives. This is a worst-case scenario because the collision induces a high voltage that requires the longest time for the frame to flow down the cable and reach workstation A. The high voltage, which indicates the presence of a collision, is applicable only to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet and copper-based Gigabit. However, the Radio Frequency (RF) version of Ethernet, referred to as 10broad-36, uses a different mechanism to detect the presence of a collision. Returning to our two-workstation example, while workstation B will know almost immediately that a collision occurred, this information will take a long time to reach workstation A. If TA is the time interval for a frame to flow from workstation A to station B and TB the time for the high voltage to flow from near B to station A, then station A must wait for at least TA TB seconds until it is capable of detecting a worst-case collision. When the worst-case scenario occurs, we can assume with very near precision that TA TB t. Because the slot time represents the one-way delay we can express it as a function of total delay as follows: , 2 (slot time) t t
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MyThread declares the semaphore sem, as shown here:
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and layer 3 logical addresses to perform multiplexing of connections.
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Microsoft launched its Microsoft HealthVault, a software and services platform aimed at helping people better manage their health information. The company says its vision is for ways in which HealthVault can bring the health and technology industries together to create new applications, services, and connected devices that help people manage and monitor their personal health information, including weight loss and disease management, such as for diabetes. HealthVault is shown in Figure 9-1. People are concerned to find themselves at the center of the healthcare ecosystem today because they must navigate a complex web of disconnected interactions between providers, hospitals, insurance companies and even government agencies, said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft. Our focus is simple: to empower people to lead healthy lives. The launch of HealthVault makes it possible for people to collect their private health information on their terms and for companies across the health industry to deliver compatible tools and services built on the HealthVault platform.
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x4 = 0. ex
N e t w o r k
Console.Write("x after call: "); x.Show(); Console.Write("y after call: "); y.Show(); } }
MPEG-2 System
The Zone tab (shown in Figure 7-5) is used to set up specific messages when a zone alarm is tripped. In this example, there are different numbered messages for zones 1 6. However, we ve decided that zones 7 12 can all share the same message when they are tripped. As such, they have the same message number.
h 1 0.75 0.5 0.25
Categories hierarchy, the KPIs listed on the Objectives Demo scorecard should not include Product Categories as a filter in the design of the KPI itself. Once the filter and scorecard are both placed on the dashboard, it is time to tie the filter into the scorecard. Hovering over the filter in the design view will expand it and one of the items listed is Member UniqueName. Member UniqueName is how each member in a cube is uniquely identified; in other words, values like Bikes and Clothing might not be unique across all dimensions if just the text is used, so there is a unique value that identifies each member. Clicking on Member UniqueName and dragging it will allow the designer to drag it and drop it on the scorecard. It should be dropped in the area that says Drop Fields Here to Create Links. When the Member UniqueName is dropped into the Drop fields here to create links area, the Edit Filter Link dialog box appears and is on the Link Options tab. The Dashboard item endpoint select box allows developers to select Filters, Row, or Column. Normally, this should be set to Filters, unless the Product dimension is shown on either the rows or columns. In the case of the AdvWorks Objectives scorecard, the product is not shown anywhere so Filters should be chosen. The Edit Filter Link dialog can be seen in Figure 5-37. At this point, the setup is done. The dashboard can be published to the server and then exported to SharePoint. The end result will be shown after discussing how to also add a filter to a report.
Pulse Code Modulation
"this is a test"
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