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The trouble with this declaration is that the visual message suggests that both a and b are pointer types, even though, in fact, only a is a pointer. This visual confusion misleads not only novice C++ programmers, but occasionally old pros, too. It is important to understand that, as far as the C++ compiler is concerned, it doesn t matter whether you write int *p or int* p. Thus, if you prefer to associate the * or & with the type rather than the variable, feel free to do so. However, to avoid confusion, this book will continue to associate the * and the & with the variables that they modify rather than their types.
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Don t look at the world as a piece of pie if I give you a slice, there will be one less slice left for me. The more you give, the more there will be for you to give. Whatever you give away, you will eventually get back in one form or another. And by the same token, whatever you withhold will be withheld from you. You will develop the courage, self-confidence, and character to fulfill your highest potential when you choose to serve others.
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Figure 3.97 Decoupling of a MMIC at both high and low frequencies.
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Whether or not you already have a darkroom in your house, the software that comes with most digital cameras gives you easier and more detailed control than anything you can do in the darkroom. And your hands don t come away smelling like you ve been playing with pickled frogs. With a digital darkroom in the form of software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, which we ll look at in 4, you can easily change a color photo into a blackand-white picture; get rid of the infamous red-eye effect; stitch together landscape photos shot in different directions so you have a 360-degree panorama; straighten the edges of buildings that the lens has distorted into curves; create a montage worthy of a museum hanging from different photographs; and make a photo look as if it were taken under water or during a hurricane. (Just take a gander at Figure 1-3.) The digital darkroom will even do something that seems no less than a miracle to long-time photographers. It lets you sharpen an out-of-focus snapshot.
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It should be noted that Maple and Mathematica both use numerical techniques, like the ones being developed in this section, to calculate integrals. So our calculations merely emulate what these computer algebra utilities do so swiftly and so well. You Try It: How ne a partition would we have needed to use if we wanted four decimal places of accuracy in the last example If you have some facility with a computer, use the Trapezoid Rule with that partition and con rm that your answer agrees with Mathematica s answer to four decimal places. EXAMPLE 8.30
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$75,000 $30,000 $105,000
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