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The network layer then passes the packet down to the data link layer. The data link layer encapsulates the packet into a frame by adding both a header and trailer. This example uses Ethernet as the data link layer medium, discussed in more depth in 3. The important components placed in the Ethernet frame header are the source and destination MAC addresses, as well as a field checksum sequence (FCS) value so that the destination can determine whether the frame is valid or corrupted when it is received. In this example, PC-A places its MAC address in the frame in the source field and PC-B s MAC address in the destination field. FCS s usage is discussed in more depth in 3. The data link layer frame is then passed down to the physical layer. At this point, remember that the concept of PDUs is a human concept that we have placed on the data to make it more readable to us, as well as to help deliver the information to the destination. However, from a computer s perspective, the data is just a bunch of binary values, 1s and 0s, called bits. The physical layer converts these bits into a physical property based on the cable or connection type. In this example, the cable is a copper cable, so the physical layer will convert the bits into voltages: one voltage level for a bit value of 1 and a different voltage level for a 0.
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EXAMPLE 10-2 A power source with v(t) = 100 cos 50t is connected to a load consisting of a resistor R = 20 and inductor L = 4 connected in series, as shown in Fig. 10-7. Find the current owing through the load, the instantaneous power, the average power, and the power factor for this circuit. SOLUTION The impedance of the load is Z = R + jX where X = L is the reactance of the inductor. Using the values provided in the problem statement we have Z = 20 + j(50)(4) = 20 + j200
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You can also get wonderful pictures when you might think you d be better off leaving your camera at home. That is, you can take advantage of the soft diffuse light when it s foggy, misty, or overcast to capture some interesting images, although you ll have to shoot at a higher ISO rating because of the low light. If your camera is capable of shooting close-ups, photograph flowers in the early morning. The dewdrops add compelling highlights to your pictures. If you get a bit of digital noise, it will add to the effect. Just make sure to protect your digital camera when photographing in inclement conditions.
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The C# Language
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Error Detection Code
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ciscoasa(config)# aaa local authentication attempts max-fail #_attempts
A SONET multiplexer combines STS-1s by interleaving bytes to create a higher-order STS-N. The protocol is designed to scale by increasing the size of the multiplexed channel. Figure 10.1
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Comparison of cam-follower velocities in Example 6.
We define this position as an instructor who specializes in training the next generation of game programmers and technologists. It might also include someone who engages in games-oriented research projects. This position requires a deep understanding of the current state of technical innovation and procedures in the field of game development. Also desirable is knowledge of game theory and design and the
The prototype for tolower( ) and the definition of the macro _tolower( ) are found in <ctype.h>. The _tolower( ) macro is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The tolower( ) function returns the lowercase equivalent of ch if ch is an uppercase letter; otherwise, it returns ch unchanged. The _tolower( ) macro is equivalent, but should only be used when ch is an uppercase letter; otherwise, the results are undefined.
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