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// Demonstrate a namespace. using System; // Bring Counter into view. using Counter; class NSDemo { static void Main() { // now, CountDown can be used directly. CountDown cd1 = new CountDown(10); int i; do { i = cd1.Count(); Console.Write(i + " "); } while(i > 0); Console.WriteLine(); CountDown cd2 = new CountDown(20); do { i = cd2.Count(); Console.Write(i + " "); } while(i > 0); Console.WriteLine(); cd2.Reset(4); do { i = cd2.Count(); Console.Write(i + " "); } while(i > 0); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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Notice in this example that when you execute the crypto key generate rsa command, you are prompted for the length of The transport input the RSA keys. The longer the keys, the more command on a line restricts remote secure your connection will be, with 2048-bit access connectivity to the IOS based on keys being the strongest. Choosing a higher the protocol/application you specify. value, however, will take longer for the IOS device to generate. On IOS devices shipped today, this shouldn t take that long: it took me about 30 seconds to generate 2048-bit keys on an 1841 router. Another item to point out about this configuration is the two commands on the VTYs. The login local command specifies the use of the local database (username command) for authentication: this causes the IOS device to prompt for both a username and password for authentication. Without the local parameter, the IOS prompts only for a password, using the password command on the line to do the authentication (this process was discussed in 11). SSH requires the use of both usernames and passwords. The transport input ssh command restricts access to the VTYs to SSH use only; by default, all forms of remote access, including telnet, are allowed. If you will be using SSH to access your IOS device, you must use either a local username database, as described here, for your VTYs, or an authentication server (AAA). Also, I commonly use PuTTY as a console access program (instead of HyperTerminal), telnet client, and SSH client. It s a great little program that does all these things, and it s free!
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Let P be the initial principal deposited in the account on the day of the nephew's birth. Using our compound interest equation ( ) , we have 100000 = P e11 21/100 , expressing the fact that after 21 years at 11% interest compounded continuously we want the value of the account to be $100,000. Solving for P gives P = 100000 e 0.11 21 = 100000 e 2.31 = 9926.13. The aunt needs to endow the fund with an initial $9926.13.
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Traffic Generation Programming Language
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FTP Data FTP Control Telnet SMTP WWW POP3
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Oscillator Design
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Real-World Chemistry
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The #pragma directive gives instructions to the compiler, such as specifying an option. It has this general form: #pragma option Here, option is the instruction passed to the compiler. In C# 3.0, there are two options supported by #pragma. The first is warning, which is used to enable or disable specific compiler warnings. It has these two forms: #pragma warning disable warnings #pragma warning restore warnings Here, warnings is a comma-separated list of warning numbers. To disable a warning, use the disable option. To enable a warning, use the restore option.
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Message framing Delivery mechanism Timing Control
Low Intermediate High
Arc, MIG, and TIG Welding
Figure 2-4 The DNA double helix (secondary structure) bends and twists to form a helix of a helix, or superhelix (tertiary structure), which wraps around protein complexes known as histones (quaternary structure). (Adapted from Wikimedia Commons.)
Fig. 4.11
Fig. 8.41
A couple of simple problems will illuaate the use of these angle ratios in right angle trig.
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