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Advanced applications Faster feature delivery Control and customization of applications all drove the development of the CTI interfaces
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IOS Image Files
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ICA Priority Packet Tagging provides a mechanism for prioritizing ICA sessions based on the virtual channel from which the data originated. The implementation of ICA Priority Packet Tagging is best understood after examining how ICA data is packaged for transmission across an Ethernet network using TCP/IP. QoS solutions that take advantage of ICA Priority Packet Tagging provide QoS benefits that are more granular than prioritizing ICA traffic based only on application name or user name.
Structures versus Classes
The 3-Point Ellipse Tool is the key for creating ellipses while setting a rotation angle (perfect circles show no possible rotation angle; we re talking ovals here). You ll find it grouped with the Ellipse Tool in the Toolbox, as shown at left.
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Part V
Desktop Intelligence enables you to create documents based on one or more data providers just as Web Intelligence does. However, in Desktop Intelligence, in addition to universes, a data provider can access data from the following sources: XML Data Provider XML is increasingly the way to share data between applications. When you select XML Data Provider as the basis of a query, Desktop Intelligence launches an XML editor to allow you to select the location of the XML data source, define objects, and then add them to a query. Freehand SQL This enables you to create your own SQL statements against data sources for which no universe has been built. The SQL Editor from this panel is quite basic and requires in-depth knowledge of SQL syntax. Personal data files These enable you to access Excel spreadsheet, text, and dBase files and then analyze the results using the full set of Desktop Intelligence functionality. This is a powerful feature that enables you to access departmental data in a spreadsheet, for example, and combine it with corporate data from a universe. Note that a universe can access personal files via ODBC, but this approach uses the file system. Stored procedures These are sets of SQL statements defined by the DBA. Visual Basic for Applications Procedures These are programs that a BusinessObjects developer builds with the Software Development Kit (SDK). A Visual Basic procedure can perform many functions for example, refresh data, build reports, and then e-mail the results to multiple users. When using Visual Basic procedures as a data provider, you can either create a new procedure or select an existing one.
S-VLAN Tags The existing 802.1Q tag is now called a C-tag, or customer tag. Looking back at Figure 13.3c, you can see that tag has an Ethertype (0 8100), a 3-bit priority field, a 1-bit Canonical Format Indicator (CFI) field, and a 12-bit VLAN ID (VID). As mentioned previously, a VID of 0 indicates unknown VID, so the VID is determined by the bridge s configuration, and that VID 4095 (0 FFF) is illegal. The priority field has the same meaning as in the C-tag. The CFI was defined for use in mixed token ring (IEEE 802.5) and Ethernet environments. If this bit is set, it indicates that a variable-length routing information field follows the C-tag and precedes the type/length field. This field has never found widespread use and thus was available for redefinition in the S-tag. The S-tag is shown in Figure 13.4d. It is identical to the C-tag except for the EtherType (0 88A8 instead of 0 8100) and the Drop Eligible Indicator (DEI) bit in place of the CFI bit. The DEI bit and its associated implementation inside the bridge provide two levels of delivery priority on top of the eight priority levels provided by the C-tag. The DEI is explained in Rate Policing, later in this chapter. On the typical provider bridge port, the EtherType used to recognize a VLAN tag is the S-tag value 0 88A8. A frame tagged (by the customers equipment) with a C-tag (EtherType 0 8100) is, therefore, as far as the provider bridge s receiving port is concerned, untagged. (The exception to this rule is the C-tagged interface, described next.) The received frame is assigned the PVID for that port. You may assume, for the moment,
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