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Administrator reports: Administrators need ongoing reporting of program operation as regular production cycles occur: input audit reporting, exception tracking, and current status (organizational reporting, credit assignments, territory assignments, and quota assignments). Senior sales management reports: Sales leadership needs to monitor the effectiveness, cost, and results of the sales compensation program. Key indices of quota performance, payout levels, and product sales provide a dashboard of metrics.
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We use the same basic mathematical formula to construct a compensation formula for sales representatives that we use for income producers. compensation performance payout rate
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/* Add a parameterized method that computes the maximum number of people that can occupy a building assuming each needs a specified minimum space. */ using System; class Building { public int Floors; // number of floors public int Area; // total square footage of building public int Occupants; // number of occupants // Return the area per person. public int AreaPerPerson() { return Area / Occupants; } // Return the maximum number of occupants if each // is to have at least the specified minimum area. public int MaxOccupant(int minArea) { return Area / minArea; } } // Use MaxOccupant(). class BuildingDemo { static void Main() { Building house = new Building(); Building office = new Building(); // Assign values to fields in house. house.Occupants = 4; house.Area = 2500; house.Floors = 2;
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Basic Telecommunications Systems
Application Issues
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Simple network management protocol is the Internet standard for monitoring and managing devices connected to the Internet or your own Intranet. It defines a data set structure of information that each device may provide called a Management Information Data Base (MIB). It also makes provision for individual vendor-based, customized MIBs. A vendor then can provide the standard set of parameters and also extend that set with custom, for example vendor-specific, information. These data are collected, kept, and reported by an agent that runs on the managed device. We call this the managed function. The Management Function resides on a workstation or host, and interacts with the managed function or agent. The management function must have a copy of the MIB profile loaded for each managed function, plus any vendor-specific profile. In this manner, a standard management function can interact with the standard MIB, while a vendor-specific management function may be used to glean more specific information. These custom MIBs are also registered with the Internet Advisory Board (IAB). Thus, you find standards-based systems, such as HP s OpenView, and vendor-specific systems, such as Fore s ForeView and Cisco s CiscoView, that are compatible and work with OpenView.
Using String.Format( ) and ToString( ) to Format Data
Complex Power
Once the software has been set up, the system can either call you or a service, depending on your needs and your selections. You also have the ability to call the system (from the home phone or away) and get the status of sensors, change settings, and arm the system. Furthermore, you can pick up any in-house phone and use it as a panic button with the security system. Smart Home communications systems can do a lot, depending on what gadgetry you buy and how you implement it. Overall, it s a good idea to understand what you want from your Smart Home s communications system and then think about what bells and whistles you re willing to pay for.
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