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C++ from the Ground Up
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red depends on business rules and what the business decides the thresholds should be to move something into the red or bad category. Once the scorecard is visible as shown in Figure 5-9 and Figure 5-10, it is actually interactive and can be modified. This allows designers to drag and drop elements onto the scorecard to build it graphically after the wizard has finished. Recall that Date could be placed on the columns by selecting it as part of the wizard, but it is also possible to add items to both the rows and columns in the designer window. In the Details pane on the right hand side of the Dashboard Designer is a list of available items and these include KPIs, dimensions, named sets, and so forth. By expanding these, items can be dragged from the Details pane and dropped onto the scorecard. For example, the aforementioned Product Model Lines hierarchy can be dragged from the Dimensions folder of the Details pane and dropped onto the scorecard.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Figure 12-4. Average Login Time by Day report
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2.1.2 An Engineering Approach to Rehabilitation
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The prototype for difftime( ) is in <time.h>. The difftime( ) function returns the difference, in seconds, between time1 and time2. That is, it returns time2 time1.
NotificationRequest (RQNT) Command
Finding and Saving Important Characters
Search for the Perfect Camera
Filter Design
Using the Color Docker
SOLUTION Substituting 1 cos 2x 2 into the integrand yields sin2 x =
You want the column label 2001 and Q4 to spread over both the Sales Revenue and Quantity Sold columns. 1. Use CTRL-click to select the first 2001 cell and the second empty cell to its right.
In this statement, the plus sign causes the value of length to be displayed after the string that precedes it. This approach can be generalized. Using the + operator, you can chain together as many items as you want within a single WriteLine( ) statement. Next, the value of width is set to 7 and displayed, using the same type of statements just described. Then, the following line of code assigns area the value of length times width.
These variables are editable in the SSAULockOut section of the C:\Program Files\ Citrix\Metaframe Password Manager\Service\WebService\web.config file, on the Service machine.
Projects should be organized in a consistent way that supports the organization s needs. Management should formally approve projects, and they should be documented in a consistent manner. In addition to being a collection of organized activities, a project also has a social context and culture. A project consists of a project team, people who perform tasks for the project. The relationships among these people fall into three models: Direct report A department manager serves as the project manager. Project team members report directly to the manager and are obliged to carry out the directives from the manager. In a slight variation, the department manager could be a project team member, and the project manager is someone who reports to the department manager. Influencer The project manager has no direct management influence over project team members. The project manager must practice the art of influence and persuasion over the project team members to keep the project moving. Pure project The project manager is given authority over the project team members, even though the team members do not report to the project manager. Matrix The project manager and project team manager have authority over each project team member. NOTE While a project may have a formal plan and schedule, it s the people on the project team who help a project reach its objectives. Paying attention to the human side of projects is just as important as the project objectives themselves.
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