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each detail line), and a reading relates to one bill. The consumption level and the amount on a detail line are calculated values. The Includes recent meter readings, thus supporting the consumption and the amount calculations. These values can be stored if it is more efficient to store them rather than compute them w h e n needed. If the values are stored, attributes can be added to the Includes Reading entity type. relationship or the
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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
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Fig. 9.15 Galvanic Isolators
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The second way to specify a nullable type is much shorter and is more commonly used. Simply follow the underlying type name with a . For example, the following shows the more common way to declare variables of the nullable int and bool types:
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1. The site data package includes the substructure boring logs for the bridge. These logs should be evaluated with regard to location of the new bridge and consistency of the soil with respect to each log. There should be suf cient information to estimate pile lengths and sheeting depth. 2. Water crossings: The following criteria shall be applied to all structures crossing water, Unless founded on rock, all structures crossing water shall be supported on piles or have other positive protection to prevent scour of the substructure. Cofferdams should be evaluated with regard to need, type, size, constructability, and cost. Alternative types of construction such as causeways, caissons, or drilled shafts should be considered and compared to conventional cofferdam costs.
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The examples so far have focused on various SIP requests, responses, and header fields. Although some mention has been made of the message body and entity header fields, the message body has not been described in any detail. Although a SIP message body can carry many different types of information (such as an image or text to display), the most common mes-
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The measurement card cage (Figure 33.6) provides interfacing for the SS7 links, which typically are transported over 1.544 Mbps, 2.048 Mbps, and H64/56 kbps bearers (T1, E1, and DS0A respectively). The interface processor cards are used to
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Functions, Part One: The Fundamentals
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The Floating-Point Structures
Of course you must first enter the passwords for each privilege level that you have created with the privilege commands. To do this, use the enable password command with the optional level parameter:
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