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1. Some seismic retro ts include the use of isolation bearings, snubbers, and restrainers at discontinuous beams over piers; seismic detailing; the provision of ductile joints; and the adoption of seismic criteria in design. Member sizes and joints must be designed for the AASHTO LRFD load combination strength VI. Details of seismic retro ts are given in 10. 2. Earthquake engineering should consider the vulnerability of column failure and incorporate design against progressive collapse. The need for ductile detailing to prevent column damage has been emphasized in NCHRP 12-49. In design, ductility needs to be linked to speci c collapse mechanisms and any cantilever action resulting from loss of support. A progressive collapse approach may increase bridge safety. 3. Conclusions for seismic behavior: It has been shown that ground response during earthquake depends upon the soil conditions underlying a site. A gross instability of the soil may develop, resulting in large permanent movements of the ground surface and associated distortion of supported structures. The intensity of the earthquake movements should be studied in the forms of displacements and accelerations, as useful to the seismic engineering profession. Therefore, it is important to record destructive earthquakes by means of accelerograph. From the recorded accelerations the response spectra for different location areas may be calculated and the results may be applied in the seismic design of foundations and structural engineering.
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It may have occurred to you that the four casting operators described in this chapter fully replace the need for the traditional cast. This realization usually gives rise to the question: Should I use the traditional cast or one of the four newer casting operators The trouble is that there is no general rule that all programmers currently accept. Because the additional casts were created to add an element of safety to the inherently risky act of casting one type of data into another, many C++ programmers feel that they should be used exclusively. Certainly, nothing would be wrong with using this approach. Other programmers feel that the traditional cast has served programmers well over many years and should not be abandoned lightly. For example, some would argue that in the case of simple, relatively safe casts (such as those required by the read( ) and write( ) I/O functions described in the preceding chapter), the traditional cast is fully appropriate. There is one point upon which there is no disagreement: When performing casts on polymorphic types, dynamic_cast should definitely be employed.
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Packet tracer is a one of the unique features from Cisco that I wish were available on every one of their products: routers, switches, and so on; unfortunately, it is only available on the appliances starting in version 7.2. Packet tracer allows you to create a pretend packet and have the appliance compare the pretend packet with the policies you ve configured on your appliance to see what is causing the real packets to be dropped (or allowed). Packet tracer is supported from the CLI as well as ASDM.
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To use XY, all files must be included in the compile. For example, assuming the XY files are called xy1.cs, xy2.cs, and xy3.cs, and that the Test class is contained in a file called test.cs, then to compile Test, use the following command line:
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Figure 28-11.
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No book covering optical transmission components would be complete without discussing the use of fiber within a building. In 8, our concluding chapter, we will examine the use of fiber modems, fiber multiplexers, and even WDM within a building.
20 mV/m, F is measured in MHz, and Vr is in mV. 20 Vr mV 0.0207(83.25 MHz) (Vr mV) 20 ______________ 0.0207 (83.25) 11.62 mV
Energy Information Administration
Human resource professionals who work inside an organization and coach others as a part of their job responsibilities normally function in the role of coach described above. However, some internal HR professionals function more as mentors than coaches and should use the mentoring role descriptions as their guide.
n o t e These equations are rule-of-thumb type equations for estimating current capacity in a battery. To obtain the exact values, consult the battery manufacturer s data sheets. Some high-performance batteries have a much higher peak current capacity, while other batteries peak current capacity is measured in millisecond time frames. These questions provide a good starting point for estimating the life of a battery.
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
1. Which of the following are stored in ROM (choose two) A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. POST ROMMON Configuration file System recovery file NVRAM ROM RAM Flash
The C# Language
ciscoasa(config)# interface vlan 1 ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif inside ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address ciscoasa(config-if)# security-level 100 ciscoasa(config-if)# exit ciscoasa(config)# interface vlan 2 ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif outside ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address ciscoasa(config-if)# security-level 0 ciscoasa(config-if)# exit ciscoasa(config)# interface vlan 3 ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif dmz ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address ciscoasa(config-if)# security-level 50 ciscoasa(config-if)# exit ciscoasa(config)# interface ethernet0/0 ciscoasa(config-if)# switchport access vlan 2 ciscoasa(config-if)# no shutdown ciscoasa(config-if)# exit ciscoasa(config)# interface ethernet0/1 ciscoasa(config-if)# switchport access vlan 1 ciscoasa(config-if)# no shutdown ciscoasa(config-if)# exit ciscoasa(config)# interface ethernet0/2 ciscoasa(config-if)# switchport access vlan 3 ciscoasa(config-if)# no shutdown ciscoasa(config-if)# exit
This chapter describes normalization, a technique to eliminate unwanted redundancy in relational tables. After this chapter, the student should have acquired the following knowledge and skills: Identify modification anomalies in tables with excessive redundancies. Define functional dependencies among columns of a table. Normalize tables by detecting violations of normal forms and applying normalization rules. Analyze M-way relationships using the concept of independence. Appreciate the usefulness and limitations of normalization. s 5 and 6 provided the tools for data modeling, a fundamental skill for database development. You learned about the notation used in entity relationship diagrams, impor tant data modeling patterns, guidelines to avoid c o m m o n modeling errors, and conversion o f entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) into relational tables. You applied this knowledge to construct E R D s for small, narrative problems. This chapter extends your database design skills by presenting normalization techniques to remove redundancy in relational tables. Redundancies can cause insert, update, and delete operations to produce unexpected side effects known as modification anomalies. This chapter prescribes normalization techniques to remove modification anomalies caused by redundancies. You will learn about functional dependencies, several normal forms, and a procedure to generate tables without redundancies. In addition, y o u will learn how to analyze M-way relationships for redundancies. This chapter concludes by briefly presenting additional normal forms and discussing the usefulness and limitations o f normalization techniques in the database development process.
save the template to the default template directory C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\ My Documents\My Business Objects Documents\ templates\LL. file.
Suppose a system uses a long rod (Fig. 11.13) loaded axially to transmit force between members (this is in fact the case in pushrod engines). The rod does not in fact remain perfectly rigid, but de ects as a result of the applied load. The axial stress that arises in the rod is given by F s= A
Frequency Modulation
int main(void) { int fd; if((fd=_creat("test", S_IWRITE))==-1) { printf("Cannot open file.\n"); exit(1); }
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