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To prevent accidental reversal of the conductors at plug and socket connections, both sockets and plugs are designed so that they can be connected in only one way, and each screw terminal is assigned a color matching its conductor. Figure 7.9 shows the most familiar example: the 15 A/120 VAC polarized receptacle used in both residential and marine applications. Notice that the rectangular sockets and prongs are of different sizes. It is impossible to insert the mating polarized plug the wrong way and reverse the hot and neutral conductors. All screw terminals are color coded to insure proper installation. The terminal for the hot (black) conductor is darkest; the neutral (white) terminal is silver; the grounding (green) terminal is tinted green.
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the INFO method would convey the user information within a message body, with the content and structure of the message body dependent upon the type of information to be conveyed. For example, an indication that the user s prepaid account balance is near zero could be conveyed in a message body in the form of text.
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Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
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Peak video 0 Sine wave Peak sync
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One of the issues related to public key cryptography is the safe storage of public encryption keys. While individuals are free to publish public keys online, doing so in a secure and controlled manner requires some central organization and control. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is designed to fulfill this and other functions. A PKI is a centralized function that is used to store and publish public keys and other information. Some of the services provided by a PKI include: Digital certificates A digital certificate is a digital credential that consists of a public key and a block of information that identifies the owner of the certificate. The identification portion of a digital certificate will follow a standard, structured format and include such data as the owner s name, organization name, and other identifying information, such as e-mail address. The public key and the identifying information will reside in a document that is itself digitally signed by a trusted party, known as a certificate authority (CA). Certificate authority (CA) A certificate authority (CA) is a business entity that issues digital certificates and publishes them in the PKI. The CA vouches for the identity of each of the digital certificates in a PKI; the CA undergoes certain safeguards to ensure that each digital certificate is genuine and really does belong to its rightful owner. Registration authority (RA) The registration authority (RA) operates within or alongside a CA to accept requests for new digital certificates. The RA vets the request, carefully examining it, and undergoes steps to verify the authenticity of the person making the request. This verification may include viewing government-issued ID cards, passports, or taking other steps as needed to make sure that the request is originating from the genuine person. When the RA is satisfied that the requestor is indeed the person making the request, the RA will issue a digital certificate. Part of the certificate issuance will be the delivery of private encryption keys to the requesting party. This may take place in person or over a secured electronic connection. Certificate revocation list (CRL) Some circumstances may require that a user s digital certificate be cancelled or revoked. These circumstances include termination of employment (if a person s certificate was issued expressly for employment-related purposes), or loss or compromise of a user s private key. A CRL is an electronic list of digital certificates that have been revoked prior to
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The # and ## Preprocessor Operators
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Figure 3.12 Dispersion in an optical fiber results in the spreading of pulses in the time domain.
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Return a Value
Choosing Designated Ports for Each Segment
Model 3PDF 3PJS
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Contrary to most expectations, audio is usually just as complex as video and often more complex. You must deal with multiple tracks, synchronization, audio levels across the disc,
Although Mr. Samuels meant it for the best, his comment was counterproductive. As it turned out, we were able to attend the conference. Because of the change in leadership, the project deadline was extended.
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