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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Systems management
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Cloud Computing at Work
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Citrix XenApp with Application Streaming
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Figure 14.12 Private leased lines provide constant bandwidth over time, while the typical requirements
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Yes No Sort columns in ORDER BY
Parameter Tab
- Symptom monitoring
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Data Store Design and Recommendations
TIP Always use an aggregate function on a measure object, unless that measure is a unit price or
AUTION: You must not confuse strings with characters. A single character literal is enclosed by single quotes, as with 'a'. However, "a" is a string containing only one letter.
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
The first command that I executed in Listing 3-1 was to change the hostname of the appliance to asa and a domain name of dealgroup.com. Following this, I configured a Privilege EXEC password of OpenSaysMe. I then configured the three interfaces, assigning them logical names, security levels, and IP addresses, and enabling them. Once IP was configured, I wanted to be able to SSH on this appliance, so I assigned a User EXEC password of NoEntry, generating the public and private RSA keys and allowing any internal computer SSH access. Finally, I saved the appliance configuration remember that you can execute the write memory command at either Privilege EXEC or Configuration mode. You will actually need to do quite a few more things to pass traffic through your appliance, like setting up routing, configuring translation policies (if necessary), setting up ACLs, and many other policy configurations. This chapter, as well as this example, only focused on the basics preparing your appliance so that you can implement your security policies. The following chapters will deal with traffic as it flows through the appliance.
Exit Method #2 Click the X in the upper-right corner of the main application window.
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