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The typical RFP should contain multiple sections, each of which is used to convey specific information to the potential vendors and integrators. The following list reflects the typical contents local policy will dictate the actual contents. (Details are provided in the section that follows in the form of specifics for an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) procurement.)
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Watermarking is a process that embeds information within the content yet remains transparent to the enduser, thus making it difficult to be removed or to be easily changed. If a watermark is present, certain digital video frames and/or segments of audio are permanently marked with noise that is supposed to be undetectable by human eyes or ears. In practice, there is considerable debate about how undetectable watermarks really are. To reduce the impact of watermarks on the user experience, watermark intensity can be adjusted based on the content itself. As an example, for a very dynamic piece of content, the amount of watermarking could be reduced to decrease the possible impact, whereas for a more static scene, the amount could be increased. The watermark is essentially a digital signature that can be recognized by recording and playback equipment. Regardless of the digital or analog transformation of the content, the watermark signature remains embedded. Watermarking is not really protecting the content, but it identifies the status of the content. Using watermarking in conjunction with a content protection system usually carries Content Management Information (CMI) data. Whenever the content is played back, a compliant device recognizes the CMI carried in the watermark and abides by its constraints. Obviously, this only works if the device implements the watermark detection. To encourage device manufacturers to do so, a requirement is included and defined in other encryption technology license agreements. If a manufacturer wants to get the keys and the secrets to play encrypted content, they must sign a license agreement which mandates the implementation of the watermark detection. AACS exemplifies such a scenario in which a manufacturer has to implement a specific watermarking technology in order to get access to the keys necessary for encryption. In this case, all Blu-ray Disc players must implement the circuitry to recognize the watermarking technology developed by Verance (and originally used by DVD-Audio). Another way to use watermarks is for forensic purposes. Forensic marking is used to trace the path of legitimate content. If unauthorized copies of the content are created, the forensic mark will help identify the source of the piracy. As an example, the forensic mark could help identify which source tape was used to create the pirated copy. In the case of Blu-ray,
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4.2.1 4.2.2 4.2.3 4.2.4 Single Table Problems Joining Tables Summarizing and HAVING 89 Tables with GROUP 91 of Results 95 BY 84
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Consequently, until fiber is deployed all the way to the customer premises, portions of the network will continue to present the same speed and throughput limitations.
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This little exercise is sufficiently easy so that you do not have to use precious memory space remembering it, just work it out as needed. The total length of an arc is the integral between the appropriate limits of this differential statement.
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10. __________ topologies in NBMA environments do not have problems with split horizon. A. B. C. D. Partially meshed Fully meshed Hub-and-spoke Star
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Exploring the C# Library
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Newsgroups and Forums
Receiver 1
Incoming Cells
C++ from the Ground Up
Robot Brains
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If you want to sort objects that are stored in a generic collection, then you will implement IComparable<T>. This version defines the generic form of CompareTo( ) shown here: int CompareTo(T other) CompareTo( ) compares the invoking object to other. To sort in ascending order, your implementation must return zero if the objects are equal, a positive value if the invoking object is greater than other, and a negative value if the invoking object is less than other. To sort in descending order, reverse the outcome of the comparison. When implementing IComparable<T>, you will usually pass the type name of the implementing class as a type argument. The following example reworks the preceding program so that it uses IComparable<T>. Notice it uses the generic List<T> collection rather than the non-generic ArrayList.
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