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CHAPTER 1 Basics
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Coaching Enneagram Style Eight
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round of calculations After that, what else in order to get to the final result In this way, it will be easy to follow and check the model s workings. Many models are unnecessarily difficult to follow because the calculations are done by formulas that are spread out willynilly across the model. Granted, there will be times when the calculation blocks cannot follow each other in one smooth flow, but the more they can be ordered in a logical and visually accessible way, the easier it will be for you and your users to work with the model. In terms of the final output, this can be a separate sheet that organizes and presents the various parts of the model in one summary form. Make All Calculations in the Model Visible A corollary of the logical arrangement is that all calculations must be visible. A black box model is the most intimidating kind of model. This is the kind of model where the calculations are not visible and the model produces its results with no indication of how it does so. By the same token, nothing is more reassuring to users than to see how the model is working and to be able to check for themselves the calculations all the better if the formulas are arranged in a logical fashion. And not only formulas, but also the toggles or settings that allow you to set how the formulas work. Be Consistent in Everything You Do As much as possible, make the parts of the model be consistent with one another. Use the same label for the same item if it is shown at different places in the model. Calling the same row of information cash flow from operations in one place but operating cash flow in another is a prescription for confusion and error. The same columns in the sheets should contain the same year. When you know that every sheet s column H contains the
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A detailed cost model for an EPON deployment will include costs for central office equipment, fiber cable, splitters, supporting infrastructure (conduit and utility poles), construction costs at the subscriber s location, and customer premise equipment (CPE) costs.
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Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Design Division Stanford University Palo Alto, California
<length> Any length unit. The element can never have a value for width which is less than this distance. <percentage> Limits the element s width to be at least this percentage of the width of the containing block. If the containing block s width changes due to document reflow triggered by a change in the size of the browser window, for example then the maximum width of the element will change with it. See the section on calculating element widths in 1 for more details on Note how max-width affects layout.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Figure 5-1 The different perspectives of the delivery of IT services
Introduction to Database Management Introduction to Database Development
FIgure 9-3 Disulfide bonds between cysteine residues help stabilize and add rigidity to protein structure. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)
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