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If you remove the comments and then try to compile the program, you will receive an error. The reason is that the type of the first argument is double, but the element types of nums and nums2 are int. However, all three types must be substituted for the same type parameter, T. This causes a type-mismatch, which results in a compile-time error. This ability to enforce type safety is one of the most important advantages of generic methods. The syntax used to create CopyInsert( ) can be generalized. Here is the general form of a generic method: ret-type meth-name<type-param-list>(param-list) { // ... In all cases, type-param-list is a comma-separated list of type parameters. Notice that for a generic method, the type parameter list follows the method name.
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int printf (const char *format, arg-list)
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Figure 11-11: A double leaky bucket Here are two functions in ATM network implementation that perform traffic control:
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Amplifier Design
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Here s an example of the host threat detection statistics:
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with each one tuned to the test channels. Such an arrangement of equipment is shown in Figure 7-11. System atness or frequency response tests can demonstrate that the distribution system is providing the proper signal level throughout the spectrum or downstream frequency band. A sweep test using a simultaneous sweep transmitter at the headend and a sweep receiver at the test point is the usual test that provides this information. Systems that are fully loaded can be tested using a spectrum analyzer or one of the new signal-level meters that display visual and audio carrier levels across the band. Also, the audio carrier level should be at least 13 dB below the visual carrier level, the usual being 15 dB. This prevents sound beats in the picture of the upper video carrier. In-band frequency response addresses the frequency signal atness within the 6 MHz channel. The regulation states that the response should not vary 2 dB from 0.75 MHz to 5.0 MHz above the lower channel frequency boundary. This test is actually a sweep response test for each channel. Usually, this pertains to modulators and not signal processors. More elegant cable systems that use demod/remod schemes and have the channels phase-locked to a comb generator, providing the incrementally regulated carrier (IRC) or harmonically regulated carrier (HRC), should test the modulators carrying the off-air broadcast television services. A video sweep generator will provide the signal to the modulator and the receiver will detect the RF output response over the 6-MHz band. An inband sweep test is shown in Figure 7-12, including an example of the measurement. This type of test is conducted on the equipment at the headend. The spectrum analyzer can act as the sweep receiver for the RF output of the modulator. If an RF sweep generator provides a narrow RF
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
VoIP and SS7
Part I:
// Construct the object. object[] consargs = new object[2]; consargs[0] = 10; consargs[1] = 20; object reflectOb = ci[x].Invoke(consargs);
Figure 16 - 9
0b = 10 + 0b; // won't work
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