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Structure and Contents
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When using Active Directory for the central store, having more than one domain controller at each site is important because Password Manager relies on Active Directory for redundancy. If only a single domain controller exists and it fails, the central store will be unavailable to the agents, unless the agent can contact a different site s domain controller. Reference Microsoft s recommendations for how to install multiple domain controllers at each site.
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Figure 13-3: Guard bands prevent the channels from interfering with each other. 2. The horizontal black bar at the bottom of the TV screen, the vertical interval, usually contains test signals used by the broadcast system for online performance tests that will not interfere with the regular programming. 3. The audio information in a TV channel is a frequency-modulated carrier placed 4.5 MHz above the visual carrier at less than 1/8 of its power.
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Bridge widening that will exceed one-third of the deck slab area will be designed according to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Speci cations. Both non-composite and composite design may be required. LRFD steel beam design software such as STLRFD, Merlin-DASH, or alternate software will be used. A list of commonly used computer software is provided in 6.
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Virtual Servers
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The IS auditor needs to perform a detailed study of the organization s network infrastructure and underlying management processes. An auditor s scrutiny should include: Network architecture The auditor should examine network architecture documents. These should include schematics, topology and design, data flow, routing, and addressing. Security architecture Security architecture documents should be examined, including critical and sensitive data flows, network security zones, access control devices and systems, security countermeasures, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, screening routers, gateways, anti-malware, and security monitoring. Standards The auditor should examine standards documents and determine whether they are reasonable and current. Selected devices and equipment should be examined to see whether they conform to these standards. Change management All changes to network devices and services should be governed by a change management process. The auditor should review change management procedures and records, and examine a sample of devices and systems to ensure that changes are being performed within change management policy. Capacity management The auditor should determine how the organization measures network capacity, whether capacity management procedures and records exist, and how capacity management affects network operations. Configuration management The auditor should determine whether any configuration management standards, procedures, and records exist and are used. He or she should examine the configuration of a sampling of devices to see whether configurations are consistent from device to device. Administrative access management Access management procedures, records, and configurations should be examined to see whether only authorized persons are able to access and manage network devices and services.
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has failed, the router will poison the route by assigning an infinite metric to it and advertising it to neighbors. When a router advertises a poisoned route to its neighbors, its neighbors break the rule of split horizon and send back to the originator the same poisoned route, called a poison reverse. In order to give the routers enough time to propagate the poisoned route and to ensure that no routing loops occur while propagation occurs, the routers implement a hold-down mechanism.
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Extended IP ACL Example
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Fiber-optic Upstream from nodes
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