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We easily evaluate this integral as follows: V = x = 4 = . 3 You Try It: Any book of tables (see [CRC]) will tell you that the volume inside a sphere of radius r is 4 r 3 /3. This formula is consistent with the answer we obtained in the last example for r = 1. Use the method of this section to derive this more general formula for arbitrary r. x3 3 1 1 3
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if(isspace(ch)) printf("%c is white-space\n", ch); } return 0; }
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Head Center Challenge: The What if Question What if challenges work well in situations in which the learner makes assumptions that something is important and inviolate that is, a mental model. These assumptions are part of the learner s unchallenged beliefs and paradigms. After hearing the Seven learner express an explicit or implicit assumption, the developer poses a relevant What if question to the Seven. The following chart lists three common mental models for Sevens, the question the developer should ask to challenge each assumption, and the ways in which the developer should respond once the Seven has answered the developer s challenge. Developers should be aware that some Sevens may appear to like the What if challenge but respond to it as if it is a game in which they can demonstrate their mental agility. A telltale sign of this is refusal to engage in a coaching conversation that pursues the implications of the mental model being discussed. Should this occur, developers need to redirect Sevens to refocus on the original mental model or assumption being challenged.
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The Cash Flow Variation for Cash Sweep
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Information security management is the collection of high-level activities that ensure that an organization s information security program is adequate and operating properly. An information security management program usually consists of several activities: Development of security policy, processes, procedures, and standards Risk assessment Impact analysis Vulnerability management These topics are discussed in detail in 6, Information Asset Protection.
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10.7 10.7 14 5 32 46 37 44.8 36.7 200' 14.8 9.2 26 40.8 39.5 35.7 35.2 200' 17 31.5 27.2 27.5 26.2 25.7 25.2 20.7 24.2 36.7 33.7 14
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Data Types
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CMOS stands for complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. color, additive A system such as printing that creates colors by combining the absorption
laser bursts to be packed into a tighter area. This increases the data capacity. Kodak distributes a high-capacity disc called Ultima 80 Media that also provides 80 minutes of recording space (700MB). The Kodak disc uses a re ective layer composed of a combination of silver alloy and gold. Extended storage media of this type may not work with all CD recorders. Manufacturers typically publish a compatibility list on their Web site or through another source to indicate those recorders that can access the extra recording area. For example, Kodak lists quali ed recorders at: If your goal is to achieve maximum compatibility for a recorded disc you are distributing, you should avoid extended capacity media. They are handy, however, for gaining extra storage space if you own a compatible drive and you re not worried about distributing the discs you burn elsewhere.
6: Information Asset Protection
FIGURE 21-14
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