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non-return-to-zero a transmission scheme by which 0 is coded as a 0 signal level and 1 as a plus pulse numerical aperture the square root of the difference between the square of the core of a fiber and the square of its cladding. Nyquist relationship the relationship between bandwidth (W) and the signaling rate (B) such that B 2W. optical mode converter a converter that converts single-mode fiber to optical mode fiber and vice versa. optical window a wavelength or group of wavelengths. peering point location where two or more Internet Service Providers interconnect. period the time required for a signal to be transmitted over a distance of one wavelength. photodetector current. a device that detects light and generates an electric
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The do-while Loop
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To obtain the value of an individual character of a string, you simply use an index. For example:
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How you will compile MyProg.cpp depends upon your compiler, and what options you are using. Furthermore, many compilers, such as Microsoft s Visual C++ and Borland s C++ Builder, provide two different ways for compiling a program: the command line compiler and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Thus, it is not possible to give generalized instructions for compiling a C++ program that will work for all compilers. You must consult your compiler s instructions. The preceding paragraph not withstanding, two of the most popular compilers are Visual C++ and C++ Builder. For the benefit of readers using one of these compilers, brief compilation instructions are provided here. For both Visual C++ or C++ Builder, the easiest way to compile and run the programs in this book is to the use the command-line compilers offered by these environments, and that is the method described. To compile MyProg.cpp using Visual C++, you will use this command line.
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Triggering Mechanisms
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its active interfaces is used when the router boots up. The router ID is used by the router to announce itself to the other OSPF routers in the network. This ID must be unique. If no loopback interfaces are configured, the router will use the highest IP address from one of its active physical interfaces.
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Experience the Natural Rhythm of Life
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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that the group can make progress on the same basis in the project. As was noted under Communication, visualization does not necessarily imply correct understanding either. It is, however, required to have a correct visualization to generate correct understanding of a subject or object.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
FileMode.Append FileMode.Create FileMode.CreateNew FileMode.Open FileMode.OpenOrCreate FileMode.Truncate
Subtract Command Response Although the syntax of the Subtract com-
What about Internal Development ,
Optical Element Testers 670 Network Test Instrumentation
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