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Layer 2 Control Protocol Processing
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// Given a number, find and return the phone info. public T FindByNumber(string number) { for(int i=0; i<end; i++) { // Number can be used because it is also a member of // PhoneNumber, which is the base class constraint. if(phList[i].Number == number) return phList[i]; } // Number not in list. throw new NotFoundException(); } // ... } // Demonstrate base class constraints. class UseBaseClassConstraint { static void Main() { // The following code is OK because Friend // inherits PhoneNumber. PhoneList<Friend> plist = new PhoneList<Friend>(); plist.Add(new Friend("Tom", "555-1234", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Gary", "555-6756", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Matt", "555-9254", false)); try { // Find the number of a friend given a name. Friend frnd = plist.FindByName("Gary"); Console.Write(frnd.Name + ": " + frnd.Number); if(frnd.IsWorkNumber) Console.WriteLine(" (work)"); else Console.WriteLine(); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } Console.WriteLine(); // The following code is also OK because Supplier // inherits PhoneNumber. PhoneList<Supplier> plist2 = new PhoneList<Supplier>(); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Global Hardware", "555-8834")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Computer Warehouse", "555-9256")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("NetworkCity", "555-2564"));
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Figure 9-2
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To enable authentication, use the ntp trusted-key command to specify the number of the key that is considered trusted or used for a particular server. Use the ntp authentication-key command to specify the authentication key used to create the digital signature for the packet (MD5 is used for this process). Note that the key number must match up between the ntp server, ntp trusted-key, and ntp authenticatekey commands. Last, use the ntp authenticate command to enable authentication. NOTE You should use different keys with different NTP servers. Here are the show commands for NTP:
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combination o f StdSSN and OfferNo (the primary key) and the combination o f Email and (Figure 7.4), y o u should note that StdSSN and Email contains determine each other. Because o f the F D s between StdSSN and Email, UnivTable4
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// Use nullable objects in expressions. using System; class NullableDemo { static void Main() { int count = null; int result = null; int incr = 10; // notice that incr is a non-nullable type // result contains null, because count is null. result = count + incr; if(result.HasValue) Console.WriteLine("result has this value: " + result.Value); else Console.WriteLine("result has no value"); // Now, count is given a value and result will contain a value. count = 100; result = count + incr;
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where fb upper frequency limit or bandwidth. For 4 fsc 3.58 MHz, 4 For 10 bits/sample, total bit rate Since fs 2fb, fb 10 14.3 MHz fb, 143 ____ 2 72 MHz 3.58 14.3 MHz
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Figure 7-11 Distortion test of the cable system
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csc NSDemo.cs counter.cs
first version of PerformancePoint Server. These include Grid (which is similar to the Analytic Grid reports), Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, 100% Stacked Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Line Chart with Markers. Other chart types will undoubtedly be added in future versions of PerformancePoint Server. Choosing a line chart when the dimension on the Bottom Axis is set to the All level is quite dull; the Big Blue Bar appears as a single point. Therefore, it is useful to start at a level lower than the All level. For example, to start at the Year level, the developer can click the drop down icon next to Date.Date.Calendar in the Bottom Axis panel. This opens the Member Selector and here the developer can choose the individual years. Starting at the Year level makes the chart a bit more interesting, as shown in Figure 6-12. Allowing the designer to select members below the All level ahead of time is useful, but imagine if someone asked that the report start at the month level for all four years. Using the Member Selector, the developer would have to expand All Periods, then each Year, each Half Year, and each Quarter just to get to the months,
The ABYC recommends an AC frequency meter on the AC distribution panel fed by any onboard generator. The zener diode in this circuit clips incoming 120-volt AC sine waves to 6.2-volt DC square waves. Capacitor C1 differentiates the square waves into positive and negative pulses. Diode D1 shorts the negative pulses to ground, but diode D2 passes the positive pulses, which are then averaged by the inertia of the ammeter, M. To calibrate, connect the circuit to shore power (60 Hz), and adjust R2 until M reads exactly 60 mA.
Creating a Task
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Meaning The smallest non-zero positive value. The largest value that a float can hold. The smallest value that a float can hold. A value that is not a number. A value representing negative infinity. A value representing positive infinity
Looking at a chunk of four-wire telephone cable, you ll notice four colors: red, green, black, and yellow. Even though most homes will only use two wires (and, in fact, any two wires will work just fine), there is a standard for connecting telephone lines:
// Demonstrate stackalloc. using System; class UseStackAlloc { unsafe static void Main() { int* ptrs = stackalloc int[3]; ptrs[0] = 1; ptrs[1] = 2; ptrs[2] = 3; for(int i=0; i < 3; i++) Console.WriteLine(ptrs[i]); } }
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