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Another interesting feature is that RIP supports up to six equal-cost paths to a single destination, where all six paths can be placed in the routing table and the router can load-balance across them. The default is actually four paths, but this can be increased up to a maximum of six. Remember that an equal-cost path is where the metric for the multiple paths to a destination is the same. RIP will not loadbalance across unequal-cost paths. Figure 19-2 illustrates equal-cost-path load balancing. In this example, RouterA has two equal-cost paths to (with a hop count of 1) via RouterB and RouterC. Putting both of these paths in RouterA s routing table offers two advantages:
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7. Return to the object on your document page and change either of its fill or outline
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Exploring the C# Library
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Like the old-style headers, the new-style headers are included using the #include statement. It is important to understand that ANSI/ISO Standard C++ does not support the older, .h headers. Thus, a program that uses an old-style header is technically nonstandard. As mentioned, C++ Builder supports the old-style headers for the sake of compatibility with older code, but for new code you should use the modern headers. Because C++ includes the entire C function library, it still supports the standard C-style header files associated with that library. That is, header files such as <stdio.h> or <ctype.h> are still available. However, Standard C++ also defines new-style headers that you can use in place of these header files. The C++ versions of the C standard headers simply add a c prefix to the filename and drop the .h. For example, the C++ new-style header for <math.h> is <cmath>. The one for <string.h> is <cstring>. Although it is currently permissible to include a C-style header file when using C library functions, this approach is deprecated by Standard C++ (that is, it is not recommended). For this reason, Part Three of this book will use modern C++ headers in all #include statements.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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from Fireworks directly into Dreamweaver. We're talking about doing Fireworks into Director. Director needs all these little graphics. Fireworks makes them in a coherent way. Chris: Fireworks is not really spitting out any code. It is not enabling the rollovers. It is just making different states of the graphics that you can use to create rollovers. Jeff: The button states end up in Director as cast members. Once you've got those pieces you could go to Lingo or HTML rollovers Chris: Right. Did Macromedia give you much feedback during development Jeff: There was a regular process of review. We weren't dependent on them for any expertise or technology. We did all the design work. Since we were designing things that were very similar to what they had already approved, it was a very simple process to get nal approval. Chris: Of course, they wanted to hear the sounds. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, in terms of the client relationship. We had to make alpha and beta deliverables. Once we got to the testing lab, we had to send out different versions. Jeff: Every night. Until the bugs were shaken out and it was ready to go. Who did the sound design Jeff: We choose what we wanted and we decided to make it sort of fun. Since Macromedia is a hip company mostly pitching to people like us, they pretty much defer to us to decide those sounds and other elements that we like. Do you happen to know if the sounds were from libraries Jeff: We hired a composer for that part of the project. We work with a number of different composers we give them a spec and they make us maybe twice as many sound loops as we need and then we narrow them down. What was the nal resolution for the sound les
Relational Database Design The primary function of the database is to record entries into a register. A user can have multi ple accounts and there is a register for each account. Information about users includes a unique user number, a name, a street address, a city, a state, a zip, and a unique but optional e-mail address. Accounts have attributes including a unique number, a unique name, a start date, a last check number, a type (checking, investment, etc.), a user number, and a current balance (computed). For checking accounts, the bank number (unique), the bank name, and the bank address are also recorded. An entry contains a unique number, a type, an optional check number, a payee, a date, an amount, a description, an account number, and a list of entry lines. The type can have various values including ATM, next check number, deposit, and debit card. In the list of entry lines, the user allocates the total amount of the entry to categories. An entry line includes a category name, a description of the entry line, and an amount. Categories have other attributes not shown in an entry line: a unique category number (name is also unique), a description, a type (asset, expense, revenue, or liability), and a tax-related sta tus (yes or no). Categories are organized in hierarchies. For example, there is a category Auto with subcategorizes Auto:fuel and Auto:repair. Categories can have multiple levels of subcategories. 24. For the ERDs in Figure 7.P6, describe assumptions under which the ERDs correctly depict the relationships among operators, machines, and tasks. In each case, choose appropriate names for the relationships and describe the meaning of the relationships. In part (b) you should also choose the name for the new entity type. 25. For the following description of a database to support physical plant operations, identify func tional dependencies and construct normalized tables. Using the simple synthesis procedure,
Vesicular transport into a cell is called endocytosis, out of a cell is called exocytosis. Endocytosis is further broken down into several categories depending on what is coming into the cell. For example, phagocytosis refers to the uptake of solid particles into the cell. Pinocytosis is the intake of liquids and dissolved substances. Receptor-mediated endocytosis means that receptors on the surface of the membrane bind very specific molecules (such as hormones or proteins) which are then carried through the membrane into the cell via budding. Receptor-mediated endocytosis is a good example of the cell membrane being selectively permeable. Some of the stages of vesicular transport require the cell to expend energy, and so vesicular transport can be classified as an active transport. For example, budding requires the polymerization of microtubules (components of the cytoskeleton) in order to push or pull a section of membrane out into a bud. The polymerization process requires the input of energy. Vesicle fusion often requires assistance by ATP-dependent enzymes. In other words, the proteins that help begin the process of vesicle fusion couple the fusion reaction with ATP hydrolysis in order to provide the energy needed to make the process favorable. An example of this is exocytosis of neurotransmitters (chemicals that carry nerve signals from one nerve cell to another). After the vesicle containing
Options box. Once you ve made a selection, the dimensions are automatically entered as values into the Page Width and Height boxes in the Property Bar.
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More Speakers Means Less Volume
from the drop-down menu, choose Photo Filter to open the Photo Filter dialog box.
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