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Ammeter. The principles of both ammeters and voltmeters were discussed in A 2. The ideal ammeter passes current with no voltage drop. In other words, it appears to a circuit as a resistor of near-zero resistance. Real ammeters come very close to the ideal with resistances on the order of 0.001 ohm. There are two fundamentally different ammeter styles: analog and digital. The difference between analog and digital presentation is best exempli ed by analog (sweep hands) and digital (LCD digits) watches. Analog is best for quick recognition; for accuracy you need digital. Beware of cheap analog meters. They do not stand up well to the marine environment. On the other hand, the differences between high- and low-cost digital meters are often more in styling and name than in performance. The integrated circuitry inside the cases may be identical. Voltmeter. Voltmeters are just ammeters with a high resistance in series with the input. The ideal voltmeter would appear to a circuit as an in nite resistance. The input resistance of real voltmeters ranges from 5,000 to 50,000 ohms per volt for analog meters and 1 to 10 megohms for digital meters.
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Low Self-Mastery The Judge
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AC Safety
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2.50 110-amp alternator 2.00 220-amp alternator 1.50
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Figure 22.1 Simplified block diagram of a fiber optic communications system.
Cisco ASA Configuration
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then it is legal to implement IMyIF as shown here:
How can you measure the heat released by a burning candle and calculate the heat of combustion of candle wax
Use a credit card, whenever possible. If there is a problem with your
Slipping Synchronization
These last few sections dealt with configuring RIP on a router. This exercise will help you reinforce the material for setting up and troubleshooting RIP. You ll perform this lab using Boson s NetSim simulator. You can find a picture of the network diagram for Boson s NetSim simulator in the Introduction of this book. In this exercise, you set IP RIPv1 on the two routers (2600-1 and 2600-2). After starting up the simulator, click the LabNavigator button. Next, double-click Exercise 19-3 and click the Load Lab button. This will load the lab configuration based on the exercises in s 11 and 16. 1. On the 2600-1, verify that the fa0/0 and s0 interfaces are up. If not, bring them up. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-1. On the 2600-1, use the show interfaces command to verify your configuration. If fa0/0 and s0 are not up, go into the interfaces (fa0/0 and s0) and enable them: configure terminal, interface type [slot_#/]port_#, no shutdown, and end.
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